Residents blog from Tanzania

Dalhousie Residents in Tanzania

Dalhousie Residents in Tanzania

The Global Health Office would like to highlight the blog that Drs. Justine Fair and Phillip Urness are writing. Justine and Phillip are completing a global health elective at the Tanzania Training Centre for International Health (TTCIH).  Here is an excerpt from their experiences:

Pediatrics: We spent last week on the pediatric ward. They have 5 different rooms each with about 12 beds. Room 1 is where the sickest kids go. Room 2- Malaria room. Room 3 – Diarrhea room. Room 4- where sick kids go when they are getting better and Room 5 – Malnutrition room. Our first two days I was convinced all the children in this entire country must have malaria as almost every child was positive. We saw a 9 month old who weighed only 9 lbs – diagnosed with HIV for the first time. We saw cerebral malaria, where the child had been unconcious for 2 days (but still not ICU material – or intubation for that matter!). Phil did a lumbar puncture on a 4 year old boy with suspected meningitis with such high pressure that once the dura was punctured the CSF came flying out, nearly hitting the wall. I was beginning to think the worst until I spent a day in Room 4 and saw that the children actually do get better as they were smiling and playing – thanks to the miracles of IV quinine and ceftriaxone!”

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