Welcome to the homepage of Dalhousie’s blogging platform. The university offers blogs to departments, faculties and offices interested in adding newsfeeds, user comments and unique voices to their web presence. To learn more about the service, visit our About page.

The following is a list of active public blogs hosted at blogs.dal.ca:

Academic Careers at Dalhousie
View current academic job opportunities at Dalhousie by scrolling through all the postings on the main page, or narrow your search by faculty/department. Read a summary of the position and then click for the complete job description, including application details.


Archivists’ Toolkit at Dalhousie
University Archives and Special Collections have started a project to implement an archival information management program called Archivists’ Toolkit. The project involves substantial amount of customization and migration of data from existing Microsoft Access databases, Excel Spreadsheets, and Word Documents. This blog documents the Archives’ work with the program.


Connected University
Dalhousie university is investigating modern email, calendar and collaboration tools that would enhance collaboration and support teaching, learning and research. Come join the conversation.



Community Health and Epidemiology
Community Health and Epidemiology is a department in the Faculty of Medicine. Its blog is run by Craig Gorveatt, the department’s information technologist. What the blog lacks in focus it more than makes up for in the two things that make the world go round: information and fun.



Dalhousie Tigers
Tiger Blogs features an inside look at Dalhousie varsity teams and life as a Tiger athlete. Each of our six contributors is a current varsity athlete on a different team and in a different program at Dalhousie. This blog is a way to find out more information on how our teams are doing, big upcoming events, what goes on behind the scenes, and the day to day lives of Tiger varsity athletes.


DalTRAC Laboratory
The DalTRAC Laboratory blog provides updates for the Dalhousie and  Nova Scotia Transportation Planning communities on current research and events from the DalTRAC Office. Learn more about the ongoing student research and meet members of the DalTRAC team.


Distributed Medical Education
The DistMedEd blog focuses on promoting, organizing and explaining the resources currently available for distributed education – from videoconference to eLearning projects – to faculty and staff of Dalhousie Medical School located in more than 100 locations across the Maritimes. Topics include discussions of new technologies or teaching styles, profiles of faculty members who are champions of distributed education, and views of students who are the targets of the programs.


At Dalhousie, our instructors apply various ways to provide students with an enhanced learning environment through the use of instructional technologies to augment face-to-face classroom instruction and/or teaching entirely online. The scope of tools available is on par with the best schools. More importantly we have experts available to assist instructors in the effective instructional use of our technologies. This blog exists to provide you with insight into the options available for your use as a Dalhousie instructor. Our unit tagline is “Teaching Technologies at Your Service.” We are here to help and hope you take advantage of all that is available.


Faculty of Science
With more than 500 different science classes, from Aquaculture to Zoology, the Faculty of Science offer a depth of teaching and learning unparalleled in Atlantic Canada. This blog keeps students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the Faculty of Science updated on what’s going on, and provides a way to discuss events, opportunities and news associated with the Faculty.


Faculty of Health Professions
The FHP Blog features news and events from the eight schools and one college that form the Faculty of Health Professions. It serves as an interprofessional online community, a place where faculty, students, and alumni can find out what’s happening in the Faculty, share stories and timely information, provide feedback, and comment.


Formula SAE team
The Dalhousie University Formula SAE Team is a student-run organization that consists of undergraduate and graduate engineering students from all disciplines of engineering. This unique group of students dedicate themselves to pursuing the common goal of competing in the annual Formula SAE competition.


Global Health Office
This blog promotes the programs, events and resources available for students, residents, faculty, and staff through the Global Health Office. It serves an interprofessional community at Dalhousie and acts as a forum to discuss ongoing and upcoming issues and projects that relate to Global Health.  Learn about international opportunities for students and faculty including the Tanzania Partnership Program.


Faculty of Graduate Studies – Deans’ Blog
Updated by the dean and associate dean of Graduate Studies, the Deans’ Blog reflects on many of the issues facing the graduate community at Dalhousie and beyond.



Health Sciences Bookstore
News and updates from Dalhousie’s Health Sciences Bookstore. Situated in the Forrest Building, the Health Sciences Bookstore serves on-campus students and instructors as well as distance education students across Canada. We also carry thousands of medical reference titles and basic medical supplies for health professionals throughout the Atlantic region, while wall charts, skeletons, novelties and gift items draw visitors ranging from students at local P-12 schools to summer tourists off visiting cruise ships.


Healthy Dal
Healthy Dalhousie provides information about health-related services that serve to promote the well-being of faculty and staff at Dalhousie University. You can find health-related topics and general health tips.



Human Resources
Dalhousie provides many opportunities for rewarding work within a variety of diverse fields. The Human Resources blog offers information and resources to support work at Dalhousie, with the office offering services from recruiting and developing staff, to administering Dalhousie’s competitive compensation and benefits programs.


Idea Bank
Fostering a culture of academic renewal and innovation is critical for Dal’s long-term success. To that end, we are encouraging you to share your ideas on academic innovation in the Idea Bank. What does academic innovation mean to you? Tell us about your experience with academic innovation at Dal.


Information Technology Services (ITS)
ITS provides Dalhousie technical services, such as email, internet connections, web sites, telephone services, computer training, and support. The ITS blog offers the latest news and views from the department.



ITS Systems Administrators
ITS technicians discuss the technical side of keeping Dalhousie IT services up and running. Topics include: automation, centralized management and security.



Dalhousie Libraries
The Dalhousie Libraries’ blog is the central source for library news and events, informing students, faculty staff and other patrons about new acquisitions, workshops and initiatives at all four Dal Libraries. From new developments in the Learning Commons, user feedback and subject specific news, to IT updates, patrons get timely access to the library information they need.


CEHALearning Opportunities in Truro & Area, NS
A new blog to help medical students and residents share and receive information about Medical Education in Colchester East Hants. Hear first-hand from other students and residents about their experiences and the opportunities that await you! Truro and its neighbouring communities have emerged as great places for students and residents to learn, work and live. Faculty with the Colchester East Hants Health Authority has received accolades for their enthusiasm, teaching skills and support for learners. The region is also home to Nova Scotia’s newest and most technologically-advanced hospital – the Colchester East Hants Health Centre – which opened in 2012.


simManagement Career Services
Showcasing student success stories and opportunities for career development and recruitment. MCS links the classroom with the workplace, focusing on the skills and resources students need to become career ready, and introducing employers to the talent pool of future business leaders that can enhance their team today.


Managing Your IT Career
Written by Dwight Fischer, Assistant Vice-President of ITS, this blog is for IT professionals in higher education. Many of us got to our jobs through a variety of paths. But there are no long-term guarantees of job security. Not anymore. Manage your career. No one else will.


The primary purpose of the technology we use at Dal Med is to support, enhance and compliment the communication of information. As an IT Guy it is my primary purpose to make sure this occurs as reliably as is IT Guy possible. But, with multiple theaters, rooms and assorted venues, with a diverse group of faculty, staff and students using multiple digital medias…bad stuff sometimes happens. We’ll proactively address topics in here that will minimize the tech incidents that disrupt the smooth sailing of our increasingly impressive technological resources.


A destination to find the latest information about labour discussions and key issues that affect Dalhousie employees. Learn more about pension discussions, major updates and milestones and more.



The School of Physiotherapy blog provides the physiotherapy community (current students, alumni, clinicians) in Atlantic Canada with news, events, professional issues and cutting edge physiotherapy research regarding the school and the physiotherapy profession in Atlantic Canada.


HAHPSchool of Health and Human Performance (HAHP)
Learn about Kinesiology, Health Promotion, Therapeutic Recreation and Recreation Management  at Dalhousie. Current students, faculty and staff blog about HAHP programs, courses and life outside the classroom.



The blog of Dalhousie’s School of Information Management presents and discusses events, opportunities, and news associated with the school and its staff, faculty, students, and graduates.



Sustainability News @ Dal
Bringing together the College of Sustainability, the university’s Office of Sustainability and the DSU Sustainability Office, this blog is your news source for all things sustainable at Dalhousie. Learn about upcoming lectures, new energy initiatives, campus resources and more.


The Rowedown
These newly-minted Faculty of Management grads have been chosen to blog about their adventures as they open a new chapter in their lives, sharing stories about what they have learned and how it has helped them launch their careers.