The Times, They Are a-Changin’ Part II – The NCLEX


As the post’s title implies, the Medical College Admissions Tests aren’t the only majpr examinations going through some pivotal changes for 2015. In this case, graduating nurses -who have been taking the Canadian Nurses’ Association own test, the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination- will be moving to the U.S.-developed NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination).

October 2014 will mark the last exams using the CNA system, so any students writing their tests in 2015 and beyond should be looking to NCLEX prep guides. Being a test that has previously served a much larger market, there are a wide variety of resources available, including books, flash cards, and electronic tests, and you can find a thorough sampling of these publications in this list from our Virtual Bookstore. As always, we’ll be carrying many of those same titles in the store as well.


From the Dal News Site: “Nurse practitioners: Better care for patients”


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For those who have heard the term but are unfamiliar with the difference between a Nurse and Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Practitioners are registered nurses (RNs), who then obtain a Masters Degree in Nursing, and can, “diagnose, order tests, prescribe drugs and carry out procedures normally restricted to physicians.”

Dalhousie and Ryerson Universites recently released the results of a joint three-year study on the nurse practitioner role and its value to the healthcare system, and summaries of the report can be found here and here. You can also download the full report through this link

A Few More Links for National Nursing Week

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Just before the week closes, here are a few topical articles from the Dal News page about activities at the Dal School of Nursing…

  • Improving health care: Dalhousie’s nurse scientists add to health-care understanding and improve patient care.


National Nursing Week


Next week (May 6-12) marks the annual and international recognition of all the followers of Florence (in fact the timing of the week is linked to Florence Nightingale’s birthday on May 12th of 1820), and in recognition of the celebration, we thought we’d add a few links to our collection.

First and foremost of course, is the Canadian Nurses Association, with information about nursing careers, professional development, and current events.

But if you’re more interested in past than current events, The Canadian Museum of Civilization has an extensive collection of artifacts and documents available online, and offers such specific presentations as, Symbol of a Profession: One Hundred Years of Nurses’ Caps – tracing the evolution of the symbolic head gear from the nun’s coif to the present bare head.

Closer to home, the Nursing History Digitization Project,  developed and maintained by Mount Saint Vincent University, offers a history of nursing training in Nova Scotia. (Including school-specific details. Believe it or not, there have been 25 teaching locations over the years.) In addition to text, stories are told through photos, audio interviews, and such archival glimpses into the past as a 1956 brochure for prospective applicants to the Victoria General Hospital School of Nursing, a 1938 list of student regulations from the Halifax Infirmary, and a slightly more tongue-in-cheek list of Student Nurse’s Commandments from 1950. (“…thou shalt not in the Residence partake of the company of Lady Nicotine.”)


Finally, in terms of reading materials, as an alternative to the standard reference works, Illuminating Florence (available on-line and in store), shows how constant the core goals of the nursing profession have remained over 150 years – as excerpts from her writings are connected to current practices.



CRNE Exam Prep Guides

We’re starting to see the periodic increase in sales for CRNE prep materials as the June 6th exam date looms on the horizon, so we thought we’d post a quick rundown of the review options.

Under the heading of, “If you only buy one book…” we have the Canadian Nurses Association’s own “The Canadian Registered Nurse Exam Prep Guide.” This is the book written by the people who will be giving you the test – in the same format as the test, so it’s the obvious first choice for review material.

A CD-ROM is also included, which contains the same questions as the prep guide plus 50 additional questions. Using the CD-ROM, you can receive immediate feedback, create a performance profile and focus your learning on specific competency categories in which you need practice.



If you get through the CNA book and feel like you’d like to test your knowledge a bit further, “Lippincott’s CRNE Prep Guide” and “Mosby’s Prep Guide for the Canadian RN Exam” both offer practice questions with accompanying answers and rationales, practice exams, and interactive CD-ROMs. The Mosby’s Prep Guide also matches the testing format that was adopted in 2010.




Finally, our second-best seller is the “Mosby’s Comprehensive Review for the Canadian RN Exam.” As the name implies, this is more than a simple collection of practice questions, but also includes overviews of each major clinical area, along with references to established sources for those looking for additional material. There are, of course, practice questions and exams as well, but the inclusion of general review materials seems to make this title the popular 2nd choice.


All these titles are can be obtained in store or ordered for delivery to your door through our Virtual Bookstore (just click on a cover image to go to the Virtual Bookstore page for each title).

ARCASN Conference: “Professional Nursing Presence: Setting Priorities for the Health of Nursing”

“CELEBRATE the breadth and depth of baccalaureate-prepared nursing practice.
REFLECT on current nursing practice environments.
EXPLORE asynchrony between education, evidence and practice.
DISCUSS emerging priorities for action by nursing educators and researchers in universities .”

These are the objectives of the Atlantic Region – Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing conference being held on the Dalhousie campus this June 21st to 23rd.

The conference title will be “Professional Nursing Presence: Setting Priorities for the Health of Nursing,” and will feature Dr. Judy Boychuk Duchscher from the University of Calgary as the guest speaker. Interested contributors have until February 24th to submit an abstract for the conference.

Details on the call for abstracts and ongoing updates about the conference are available at the ARCASN website.

Nursing, the Finest Art

A fascinating, vibrantly illustrated journey through nursing by M. Patricia Donahue, this 2010, 3rd edition traces the social, political and economic history of nursing from its origins through contemporary practice with over 400 fine art images and unique timelines that offer an at a glance view of nursing through the ages.

Almost 90% of the artwork is new in this edition, and new units include The Nursing Transformation, The Healing Spirit of Nursing, and A Global View of Nursing and Healthcare.

The perfect gift for any nurse, celebrating the wonderful profession of caring for others.

Nursing: The Finest Art is available or through our virtual bookstore, to be shipped directly to your address as soon as it is released.

Sample Chapters of McGraw Hill Nursing Titles

From time to time, the folks at McGraw Hill send us links to samples of various publications, and this time around there’s a definite Nursing theme to their offerings. Just click on the titles listed below to see a PDF excerpt from each book. If the samples pique your interest, call us for availability, or if you’d like a copy shipped directly to your door, clicking on each cover image will take you to our Virtual Bookstore page for that title.


New Nurse’s Survival Guide  – PDF Sample

Hurst Reviews: NCLEX-RN Review – PDF Sample

Hurst Reviews:  Medical – Surgical Nursing Review – PDF Sample

Fluids and Eletrolytes Demystified – PDF Sample

Progressive Care Nursing Certification: Preparation, Review and Practice Exams – PDF Sample

Critical Care Nursing Certification: Preparation, Review, and Practice Exams, Sixth Edition  – PDF Sample

Nurse to Nurse: Evidence-Based Practice – PDF Sample

McGraw-Hill Nurse’s Drug Handbook – PDF Sample