What Does an Academic Library Communications Officer Do?

What Does an Academic Library Communications Officer Do?
A Dalhousie Libraries Case Study

Dalhousie School of Information Management Public Lecture
February 16, 10:30 am
Rowe Building Room 1009

In 2009 the Dalhousie University Libraries created a new position: Communications Officer. This presentation by Tina Usmiani, Dalhousie Libraries Communications Officer, will explain the rationale for having a CO for the Libraries and briefly outline the Libraries’ Communications Plan. The main focus will be the initiatives, projects and day-to-day activities for which the Dalhousie Libraries Communications Officer is responsible, as well as the challenges and rewards of this unique position. All ar welcome to attend!

Tina Usmiani has been working off and on at the Libraries since 1979, when she was hired as a cataloguer at the Killam and became the library’s Russian subject specialist. In 1982 she went to University of Toronto to do a PhD in Russian Studies and returned to Killam cataloguing in 1990 after working briefly in the Law Library. Tina continued her work as a Library Assistant in Special Collections from 1996 until 2009, when she acquired her current position as the Dalhousie Libraries Communications Officer.


  1. Regis Dudley, Faculty of Science says

    So cool! Wish I hadn’t missed this! Could you perhaps send me the powerpoint deck? I’d love to learn about your comm plan :)

    - Regis

    • Tina Usmiani says

      Hi Regis, too bad you weren’t there–I actually mentioned your name! :-)

      I’d be happy to send you my PPT–and if you want to actually see our Comm Plan let’s get in touch via email.



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