Load Your DalCard Before Coming to the Library

As of January 1, the Sir James Dunn Law and Killam Libraries will no longer be accepting DalCard deposits (a.k.a. putting money on DalCards).

Coming to the library without money on your DalCard? These are your options:


Sir James Dunn Law Library

Put money on your DalCard:

 Deposits on DalCards can be made at:

  • the Brief Break in the Weldon Building
  • the Second Cup in the Computer Science Building
  • most food outlets on campus

Use your credit card to load your DalCard online. https://dalcard.dal.ca/dalcardonline/

Alternatives to printing:

  • Email articles to yourself.
  • Save articles to a flash drive.

Photocopying without your DalCard:

Purchase a debit card at the Circulation Desk for the photocopier located on the first floor of the library.

Killam Memorial Library

Put money on your DalCard:

Deposits on DalCards can be made at:

  • the Second Cup
  •  Killam Bistro
  • Subway

Use your credit card to load your DalCard online (icon on the desktop). https://dalcard.dal.ca/dalcardonline/

Alternatives to printing:

  • Email articles to yourself.
  • Save articles to a flash drive. (A 2GB flash drive can be purchased from the Circulation Desk for $8.)

Photocopying without your DalCard:

Use the coin operated photocopiers located in Photocopy Room on the first floor and on the second floor by the U-Z area of the collection.


  1. Marcy Munro says

    This is terrible. I guess the library isn’t interested in serving students anymore. Why do we have to go through three or four extra steps to do one simple thing? This sucks!

  2. Marlo MacKay says

    Hi Marcy,

    While it seems like we’re taking a service away, we’re actually aiming to improve library service. A fair amount of staff time is spent on DalCards, which is not a core service of the library. Now staff will be able to devote the time once spent on DalCards to other tasks that will improve the libraries.

  3. Mohammed says

    I guess that’s what $15000/year in tuition gets you. Dalhousie is the worst university I’ve ever been affiliated with.

  4. Mohammed says

    Pfft, only at Dalhousie can removing a service be pitched as being an improvement. If you spin this decision any harder, you’d be able to harness enough energy to power most of the HRM.

  5. Meghan says

    You can also put money on your Dalcard at all four residence front desks! (Shirreff, Risley, Howe and Gerard)

  6. Jenna LeBlanc says

    That’s disappointing, but I can see where you’re coming from. Why not push online deposits? I never carry cash, so I’ve found putting money on my DalCard with my credit card to be the easiest and fastest way to print. But I rarely ever see information about it, and it’s usually just an afterthought. That’s easier than going to Brief Break when you’re in the middle of writing a paper!

  7. Marlo MacKay says

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Meghan, good to know that the residence front desks do this. Jenna: we include the link to loading DalCards using credit cards in the post, I’ll copy it here: https://dalcard.dal.ca/dalcardonline/
    The Killam Library’s public use computers also have an icon on the desktop that links directly to this service.

    We at the libraries are interested to know how many of you have a credit card and have you tried using that method to reload your DalCard?

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