DynaMed Trial

DynaMed is a clinical reference tool created by physicians for physicians and other health care professionals with clinically-organized summaries for more than 3,200 topics.

Until the end of December, the Kellogg Library is offering a free trial of DynaMed, an evidence-based point-of-care tool chosen by both the Canadian Medical Association and the Canadian Nurses Association for use by their members.

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  1. Tanya MacLeod says

    This is a fantastic resource. Great for health researchers too – the ICD codes are listed for each topic and the references are linked. I also hope the library keeps it!

  2. Brian Buchanan says

    Great resource. Evidence base for recommendations are well cited. Also providing a list of journal reviews for a given topic is great.

  3. Sandy Rennie says

    This is a very good resource. For non-medicine topics (i.e physiotherapy) it does take a bit of digging but there are some good results. I believe it is a resource worth keeping.

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