Pharmacist’s Letter Trial

Pharmacist’s Letter is a subscription service for pharmacists covering new developments in drug therapy, and trends in pharmacy practice. Pharmacist’s Letter started in 1985 and currently serves most pharmacists in the United States and Canada.

For a limited time, a free trial has been set up.

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  1. Meghan Hayes says

    This is a great resource and I am very excited that the library is considering a subscription. The Pharmacist’s Letter is an extremely useful tool to have access to.

  2. Kristian says

    This is a great resource that is used at most pharmacies to keep up to date, I hope that they decide to keep it!

  3. Megan Larsen says

    Pharmacist’s Letter is an excellent tool for pharmacy students to have access to! I have had the opportunity to read a few issues while out in community practice and it is a widely used and accepted resource. I hope the Dal library will consider keeping on subscribing to Pharmacist’s Letter when the trial is finished!

  4. Anne Marie Whelan says

    Pharmacist’s Letter is an excellent resource that would be invaluable to pharmacy students. This would be useful for class work as well as practicel experience programs. It provides short concise evidence-based information – with the option to read details. This would be a welcome addition to the Dal library and one that I would promote widely to pharmacy students and medical residents.

  5. Lisa Walker says

    I’m SO excited that we have access to the Pharmacist’s Letter now–hopefully it will be here to stay. I have missed being able to use it, as I used it at my former places of work for 8 years. It is a great concise, evidence-based resource that would be well-used by not only pharmacy students, but other professions as well, and faculty!

  6. Jennifer Isenor says

    I am in agreement with the comments above. Pharmacist’s Letter is an excellent resource for students and faculty. It provides current and concise updates, with the option to read the detail documents. The articles often serve as a stimulus for further research and critical appraisal. Pharmacist’s Letter would be a valuable asset to our library.

  7. Thomas says

    This is a perfect resource to keep up to date with the issues that patients are coming into your store with now. It is in nearly ever pharmacy and is very widely used. For those students currently not working with a company this would be a perfect way to have access to this resource and explore it before endtering the work force.

  8. Marlo MacKay says

    Because of the rising cost of journals our library budget has not been able to meet our subscription commitments. In addressing these shortfalls and in consultation with the college, we cancelled Pharmacist’s Letter in 2013. Articles from this journal–and many others we do not own– can be ordered via Document Delivery with typically excellent turnaround delivery to your desktop.

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