Greening the Campus Student Projects Display

Once again this year the Killam Library is proud to host a display of posters by the students of SUST 3502, “Campus as Living Lab.” The students worked on a wide variety of projects assessing sustainability issues at Dalhousie. Click images for full view

The posters, which are on display in the Killam lobby, cover these subjects:

  • Increasing biodiversity at Dalhousie

  • Feasibility assessment for campus food gardens
  • Parking policy and fee structure as tools for sustainable transportation
  • Dalhousie’s ideal campus farmer’s market
  • Adequate lighting in Studley? A lighting audit chronicle
  • Greening Dalhousie’s built environment
  • Studley campus walkabillity assessment
  • Killam Library waste audit
  • Sustainability & animal testing at Dal
  • Student Union Building sustainable food report card
  • Evaluating sustainability: Dalhousie’s seafood purchasing practices
  • Evaluation of resource use in campus cafeteria dish-pits

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