New Titles in Canadian Health Research & Public Policy

Over 4000 books in the Canadian Health Research Collection and Canadian Public Policy Collection have just been added to the Dal Libraries’ online catalogue. These collections are part of the Canadian Electronic Library which we make accessible to you via the ebrary platform.

Canadian Health Research Collection
Monograph publications from Canadian research institutes, government agencies and university centres working in the area of health and medical research. The organizations included in this collection are very active publishers of primary research in the field. The publications included are both general policy documents as well as those of a specialized technical nature.

Canadian Public Policy Collection
Monograph publications from Canadian public policy institutes, government agencies, advocacy groups, think-tanks, university research centres and other public interest groups. The organizations included in this collection represent the leading edge of primary research and opinion in all areas of Canadian public policy. Their publications are vital to the understanding of developing issues in every arena of Canadian public life.

Technical note: These collections require the installation of the free ebrary Reader, which downloads automatically when you open the first book. If this does not happen or you get an error message, please follow these instructions for manual download of this plugin.

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