Michael Groenendyk Wins Research Grant

Michael Groenendyk with a model of the Taj Mahal that was printed on the 3D printer at the Killam. (Photo: Bruce Bottomley)

Michael Groenendyk, Help Desk employee at the Killam Library, was recently awarded a CARL Research in Librarianship Grant. Michael is also a student at the School of Information Management.

The Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) Librarianship Grant supports projects involving structured, evidence-based research in libraries that propose answers to real-world issues.  Established and newly appointed librarians working in a CARL member library and current Library and Information Studies students are eligible to apply for this grant.

Michael’s grant-winning project is called 3D Printing and Scanning at the Dalhousie Libraries: A Case Study. He was awarded $2,000 to continue his research in the use of 3D printers and scanners in an educational environment and to develop an open access, online repository of 3D digital objects.

“I would like to thank the Canadian Association of Research Libraries for providing me with this opportunity to further develop my research into 3D printing and scanning technologies at the Dalhousie Libraries, and to complete the groundwork on the 3D model repository created this summer on DalSpace. This additional funding will be very helpful in moving this project forward and, as such, is much appreciated,” said Michael.

The 3D printer is located at the Help Desk in the South Learning Commons in the Killam Library. Files for printing can be emailed to 3dprint@dal.ca Printing costs $1 per hour. The printer uses PLA plastic filament that is biodegradable. More about 3D printing at the Dalhousie Libraries.

Congratulations from your colleagues at the Dalhousie Libraries Michael!


The 3D printer in action at the Help Desk in the Killam Library.


Sample objects printed from the 3D printer. (Photo: Bruce Bottomley)

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