American Archival Periodicals and Monographs

We’re offering you access to two archival collections from EBSCO, on a trial basis until mid-April. Check them out and let us know what you think!

  • American Antiquarian Society Historical Periodicals Collection

EBSCO has partnered with the American Antiquarian Society (AAS) to provide digital access to a comprehensive collection of American periodicals published between 1691 and 1877. In total, more than 6,500 periodicals are available.

Series 1 (1691-1820)

Series 2 (1821-1837)

Series 3 (1838-1852)

  • American Theological Library Association Historical Monographs Collection

The ATLA Historical Monographs Collection consists of two Series that contain more than 29,000 titles focused on religion and theology. In its entirety, the collection contains over 10 million pages, representing a core collection for colleges and universities with programs in history, theology, religion, sociology, political science and other disciplines.

Series 1, consisting of titles from the 13th Century through 1893

Series 2, consisting of titles published from 1894 through 1923

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