Canadian Association of Law Libraries Special Interest Group for Student Members

We are happy to announce that Dalhousie’s School of Information Management will be home to the first Student Member Special Interest Group (SIG) for the Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL). The new SIG was just approved by the executive this past November. Great appreciation goes out to Cyndi Murphy, President of CALL, as well as all the association members who signed the petition to get the SIG created.

Dalhousie will be one of potentially many Canadian Universities to have a satellite student-run group for the Canadian Association of Law Libraries Student Member SIG. These individual groups will have a flexible membership policy so that students will not necessarily have to already be members of CALL in order to take part in group events.

The creation of a Student Member SIG will increase student involvement within the Canadian Association of Law Libraries as well as inform future MLIS graduates about the many career opportunities in legal information management. This SIG will also attract established Law Librarians who are interested in promoting the law librarian profession to students.

CALL’s Annual General Meeting will be in Montreal this May and the Student Member SIG will be given an hour for their first official business meeting! It would be wonderful if we could have as many CALL members from Dalhousie as possible attend this meeting.

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