Student Congratulations – Mohammed Al-hamdani

Dr. Chris Simms (left) congratulates Mohammed on his achievement.

Congratulations to Mohammed Al-hamdani, a recent graduate of the Master of Health Administration program.  Mohammed entered the 2011 American Academy for Medical Administrators’ (AAMA’s) student paper award competition with students competing from at least 70 universities in North America.  His outstanding tobacco litigation review, “Health Care Cost Recovery: Lessons for Canada from the U.S. Litigation Experiences” was one of the top five papers in the competition and he was the only applicant from Canada to receive an honourable mention – the other four students were enrolled in American universities.  The review has been published by the AAMA, and Mohammed has been invited to present the topic at the National Conference on Tobacco or Health in Toronto.

Mohammed’s work has also been recognized in the past – his thesis on the plain packaging of cigarettes (completed under the supervision of Dr. Chris Simms) is listed as one of the resources on the Physicians for a Smoke Free Canada website.  He also won national and international awards and scholarships during his time at Dalhousie.  Mohammed describes tobacco control as his passion, and credits the support and resources offered by Dalhousie and the School of Health Administration for his achievements. 

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