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2013 FSAE Workshop

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Our team, attending the 2013 FSAE Workshop over the web. We are learning about design, sponsorship, and how to be a better team. Thanks to the SAE for having this workshop and allowing us to participate from so far away!


SureShot Dispensing sponsors Dal FSAE for 2013

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Once again, the kind people at SureShot Dispensing Systems have provided the team with CNC and laser cutting capabilities.

Based in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, SureShot manufactures many different precision dispensers for the food industry including sugar and cream dispensers for coffee chains. If you see a cream, milk, or sugar dispenser in North America, chances are it was made by SureShot in Nova Scotia. We even ran into one in Pennsylvania when we were driving to Michigan.

Photo 2013-05-07 13 33 22

This year, SureShot laser cut our bellcranks, differential mounts, and steering rack mounts.

They also CNC milled our uprights and hubs. They are works of art.

IMG_4914-1IMG_4916-2 IMG_4919-3
hank you so much to Mike Duck, Brian Gay, and everyone else at SureShot Dispensing Systems!

Sigma Performance provides sponsorship

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Sigma Performance has provided us with a discount on their Honda CBR 600 slipper clutch. While a normal CBR 600 RR clutch only requires the driver to clutch in on downshifts, Sigma’s slipper clutch allows the driver to avoid using the clutch altogether. This makes downshifting faster and easier, and simplifies the design requirements for our new electronic paddle shifting system. Thank you Sigma Performance!IMG_2210-1

Cartesian Tube Profiling sponsors Dalhousie

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For the third year in a row, Cartesian Tube has provided the team with sponsorship and an accurate frame kit.

Cartesian Tube has provided Dalhousie with another impossibly accurately profiled tube kit for the new frame. Cartesian’s ability to cut precise tube profiles saves the team thousands of hours and makes the frame accurate and very easy to assemble.

This is a huge step for us as this is the first time in Dalhousie FSAE’s short history that the frame has been built in the fall semester – the earliest in a season. This puts us one step closer to our goal of finishing construction early enough  that we can thoroughly test our 2013 car before competition in May 2013.

This year’s frame is expected to be up to 2 kg lighter than the 2012 frame – nearly a 10% weight reduction. Will the rest of the car follow suit? Time will tell.


Thank you Cartesian Tube Profiling for another amazing  job!

Half Way Through Competition With Solid Results so Far!!

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We are off to a good start here in Michigan!

We placed 6th out of 120 teams in CAD model drawings:

We flew through the tech inspection and tilt test:

Had a great result in the cost event with 73/100 pts earned and one of the lowest costed cars. We were actually audited because our cost was so low and we had to run through every component in our cost report and show it on the car. Everything checked out though!

We also received positive feedback from our marketing presentation and the design judging went reasonably well!

We are looking forward to the dynamic events tomorrow!

Here is a pic from the panoramic picture with us lined up next to TU Graz.. gives a good idea of what we are up against:

Thanks again to all our sponsors! More to come very soon!!

Program Event Guide:

A Few Fabrication Updates: Fuel, Oil, Steering, Pedal Assembly and Suspension..

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Fuel system is completely fabricated and assembled, complete with new steel braided lines, pump, filters, pressure regulator and student designed and built tank and filler cap (design by Corey Ireland):

Oil System is complete and ready to assemble. This includes a new reduced volume external tank with steel braided hoses (design by Jeff Heyman) combined with a new custom designed dry sump oil pan (design by Julian Gurnell). These two components have been designed strategically to minimize the lengths of the oil lines and reduce the number of sharp bends in the system. The overall package looks pretty clean:

The steering assembly is nearing completion with the steering rack mount fabricated and mounted in the chassis. The rest should be finished tomorrow (design by Allan Notman):

The Pedal assembly is nearing completion with the mounting plate mounted in the frame and both pedals complete. The entire system is very compact and should be very effective as well (design by Kirk Fraser):

The suspension is coming together quickly with nearly all A-arms fabricated and uprights expected to be complete Monday. After we receive those we can finish mounting all the suspension and we will have a rolling chassis! (suspension re-designed by Andy Clement):

Hubs take shape after only 3 days of fabrication!

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After Finalizing our design and acquiring a large rod of 7075 Aluminum, our hubs were machined fully in under 3 days.  This is how it was done:

1) The rod was cut into four pieces here in the Dalhousie machine shop.

2) Technicians Albert and Mark power through and rough out two hubs each in under 4 hours, making some serious chips:

3) Hubs are taken to SureShot Dispensing Systems to get brake rotor, drive stud and tripod housing profiles CNC cut as well as slots for retaining single lug nuts by Brian and Steve.
4) Threads and finish work is done back at Dalhousie by Mark and the hubs are ready to go! these things are insanely light!

Few Design Updates: Drivetrain

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Tripod housings have been CMM’d (coordinate measuring machine) by Rob Warner in the advanced manufacturing department. This machine automatically scans the profile of the housing taking coordinate measurements at each point and ultimately providing us with the outside profile. This exact profile allows us to CNC our hubs to give a tight fit around the housings and properly transmit power and torque to our wheels. Thanks Rob!

Diff Mounts are half complete with the chain tensioning disks fully machined. These are what hold the bearings which retain our limited slip, clutch pack differential. Machining by Mark MacDonald and design by Damon Surgenor.


SureShot Dispensing Systems Provides Gold Level Sponsorship!

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SureShot has provided the team with gold level sponsorship.  SureShot Dispensing Systems is a pioneer in the dispensing industry, leading the way with innovative equipment solutions and a willingness to truly listen to their customers. They are laser cutting and machining many of our parts at no cost. A big thank you to Michael Duck, Brian Gay, Steve, Jeff, Rod, RJ and everyone at SureShot for all the help and advice. See below for parts made so far, oil pan plate, rear bellcranks & diff mount housings:

Oil pan design by Julian Gurnell, bellcrank design by Andy Clement & diff mount housing design by Damon Surgernor

Plascore Provides Bronze Level Sponsorship!

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Plascore Inc. has provided the team with Aluminum honeycomb cores to be used for our impact attenuator. Plascore Inc. is a global manufacturer of honeycomb core, composite structures and cleanrooms. Their honeycomb core is specified wherever high strength-to-weight ratio, energy absorption or directional qualities are desired. By using their honeycomb core for our impact attenuator we were able to absorb more than the minimum amount of required energy while reducing the overall weight of the component.

Click below for a 4 page report summarizing the impact attenuator test results:


New 2012 Engine Package Gives Excellent Results!

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Our newly designed intake, exhaust and engine control systems have provided 9.4% more area under the horsepower curve in comparison to last years package. We have also achieved a max power of 74hp and a max torque of 40.2 ft-lbs. Check it out:

Engine tuning is coming along with the new intake and exhaust

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Black Graphite header wrap turned white with heat, intake looking sharp

GoPro pictures edited by Andy

Thermal Imaging of the exhaust to help trim cylinders individually and of the intake to ensure it would not melt or fail. Thanks to Brennan and GasTOPS for lending us their thermal camera and expertise.

Videos to come soon…

Few Powertrain Updates

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See below for some pictures of powertrain updates:

New dry sump oil pump is in from one of our sponsors, Dailey Engineering. It looks and fits really well.

Intake is painted and clear-coated to protect surface. With a gold eagle carefully painted it is starting to come to life

Wrapping the headers for heat insulation to reduce heat in the engine compartment and increase exhaust gas velocity

Headers completely wrapped and ready to re-install on engine. Black graphite header wrap sponsored by Thermotec. Stainless steel collars turned a nice gold color once they saw some heat

Intake and Exhaust assembled and ready for final testing







New Engine Starts and Idles With New Motec M400 ECU

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After the engine and engine computer (ECU) were completely wired, we had to set the master spark timing which tells the ECU when the first piston is at top dead center. This was found by investigating our spare engine internals and using a timing light while cranking our new engine over.

Engine is Fully Wired and Ready For Dyno Testing!

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After a few days with no sleep, the engine is finally wired and ready to dyno test. See below for pictures of:

Wiring (new Motec M400 ECU with custom labels heat shrunk for easy trouble shooting)









Fuel tank fabrication (internal baffles to prevent sloshing during cornering, braking and accelerating)

Intake primed and painted

Adjusting the engines cam position reference for top dead center and final dyno setup

Design Report Finalized and Submitted!

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Click here for final design report including a 4 page write-up, 3 full vehicle CAD drawings and a full page render:

*047_Dalhousie University*


Exhaust Fabrication Complete!

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March 2nd: Exhaust headers are finished! Some pretty snazzy welds from our main man Albert!








Feb 26th: Primaries tacked in and ready for final welding!

Feb 20th: Exhaust fabrication is well under way with exhaust collars machined and primary tubes cut.

Frame Progress and Latest Renders of Full Car Assembly

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See below for some pictures of our frame fabrication progress and renders of our most up to date CAD assembly. We expect to have the frame finished next week and begin assembling components!

Frame and Body Design Finalized


Things are really starting to come along here! The team has finalized the design of the frame and body. See below for the latest rendering.

TrueFoam Provides Bronze Level Sponsorship!

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TrueFoam has provided the team with foam for making the body molds this year. TrueFoam is the leading manufacturer of insulation products in atlantic Canada. With the help of their product donation, the body work is under way.


2nd Gear Engine Dyno Action

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In order to compare the performance of this years engine package we needed baseline HP and Torque curves from the 2011 car. To do this we ran the 2011 car on our schools engine dyno. Once we have fabricated all of the parts for this years engine package we will compare the two.

Barrel Throttle Body Preliminary Design

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The 2011-2012 team is currently designing a barrel style throttle body for this years car.  The team used a butterfly style throttle body last year. The new throttle body is currently being rapid prototyped for testing. Key features of the new design are:

-No restriction from throttle plate at wide open throttle

-Rotational actuation with simple assembly

Cad model and rapid prototype process can be seen below.

2011-2012 Frame Design Nearing Completion

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The team is nearing completion of the 2011-2012 frame design. it will be fairly similar to last years frame with several changes including:

-Rear bulkhead widened to bring rear sprocket in which will reduce misalignment in driveshafts

-Drivers cell lengthened to allow more room for driver’s knees around steering wheel

Here is a render of the frame design so far with a conceptual nose cone…

Render by: Corey Ireland

Build Update

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The construction of the 2011 competition vehicle is well underway. Here are some snapshots of the latest progress.

Dry Sump Oil Pan

Upright Machining in Progress

Upright Machining in Progress

Frame Fabrication Begins

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Frame Tubes Received from Cartesian Tube

Frame Tubes Received from Cartesian Tube

Fabrication Begins

Wheels Have Arrived!

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The wheels for the 2011 Dalhousie Formula SAE vehicle have arrived courtesy of our sponsor OZ Racing. Much thanks to OZ Racing for their support, and for providing us with such a high quality product. We look forward to getting the car up and rolling for competition in May 2011.

2011 Frame Finalized

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The 2011 competition vehicle’s frame has been finalized and sent out for manufacturing by Cartesian Tube Profiling. The team expects to begin welding the profiled tubes in January.

Atlantic Formula Racing Association offers their support

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The Atlantic Formula Racing Association has a wealth of experience with regards to the design, fabrication and setting up of open wheel racers. As a group of enthusiasts who build, maintain and race Formula-style cars, their insight is invaluable to our team. To find out more about the Atlantic Formula Racing Association, visit their website at: