Hello all you tiger fans!!


We had our first volleyball match last Wednesday at Bridgewater High School and beat Acadia in the 5th set! The Bridgewater citizens are always such gracious hosts and the fans were going wild! We had a big feast after the game due to the kindness and fantastic cooking skills of the girls volleyball teams moms. It was very exciting to have the rookies play their first game as a Dal Tiger and the Vets were also excited to get back onto the court as a team.


Also we had our team bonding trip this past weekend. We were split into teams and started out with a scavenger hunt. We ran around Halifax and took a whole bunch of different pictures of the fun things that we were doing. Then we went to Coach Jon’s house for a slumber party!!! We set goals in the morning for the year which was very successful and really exciting to see the determination that the team has. After that we toughed it out in the rain for the Dal women and men’s soccer teams against the Capers to help raise money for Breast Cancer research. It was a success and we look forward to seeing them out at our games!


Coming up this weekend we have our Dalhousie Invitational tournament in which we will be featuring 6 other AUS teams. I will post a blog after the weekend to update you on how we did in our games.


Today I just want to touch on a little topic: Injuries and health. I honestly believe that this is something really important to mention. Parents if you have kids that play sports please show them this tid bit of information. Fellow athletes and friends we have all heard this so many times before but you just never know when you’ll have to go through it. It’s early in the season and our old, wilting bodies are already starting to fail us ;). We have hurting shoulders, sprained ankles, swollen knees, awful colds and unfortunately last week I broke the bone right under my pinky and am now in a cast with a long, tedious road of recovery staring at me. Facing adversity is something all athletes have to go through so here are some things to remember:

- No matter your age, if you play a game or have a practice, take a good 15 minutes after to stretch out every part of your body

- Nutrition is Key! Eat healthy and drink lots of water. As our Coach Rick says eat 80 (good)/20 (treats). This will keep the colds away and will help you play at the best of your abilty

-Ice may be cold and annoying but if you get acquainted early it will surely soon be your best friend

- Freak accidents or injuries will happen. Stay mentally tough and stay positive. You will heal if you work hard on recovering and smile!


All right fans, that’s all for now. Have a great week and you shall hear from me soon.


Tiger RaeRae out!