Hey guys! My name is Daniel You, a middle blocker going into my fourth year on the men’s volleyball team. I wear the #12 because I’m a big fan of the Calgary Flames and Jarome Iginla. I hope everyone enjoyed the summer break, four months sure passes by fast! I’m excited for my final year in Halifax. I can’t wait to get back onto the volleyball court and in the Killam Library.

My summer was very enjoyable spending time with friends and family and enjoying a break from the books back home in Calgary. I worked at the Mitogen Advanced Diagnostics Laboratory at the Foothills Hospital. In addition, I helped out with a 16U volleyball team, Elite West. Being able to give back to the sport was a very rewarding experience. Coaching introduced me to volleyball from a different perspective. This added perspective will hopefully be helpful in my own development as a volleyball player.

Four members of last year’s team graduated, however; three of them (Sander Ratsep, Devon Parkinson, Max Burt) will continue playing volleyball this fall at the National Volleyball Team Full Time Training Centre in Gatineau. With the departure of four seniors, it will be up to the rest of the team to step up this upcoming season. The guys worked very hard in the offseason and I can’t wait to see everyone on the court. We have a smaller recruiting class this year but I’m sure the new players will push returning players and make the team stronger.

I’m sure that you’re also interested in hearing from the other guys on the team. Each blog entry, I will try my best to get an update from a member of the volleyball team.

This week, we have Will Bremner. Will is a new recruit coming from beautiful Calgary, Alberta (ranked the 5th best place to live in the world by The Economist). Will is a libero, as well as the younger brother of Dan Bremner, #10 on the volleyball team. Ladies, when Will’s not on the volleyball court, you’ll be able to find him at the Killam Library or in Howe Hall, and yes he is single! Without further ado Will:

“My name is William Bremner. I am a first year student at Dalhousie. I am originally from Calgary, Alberta and this is my first year away from home. I will be studying Sciences this year at Dalhousie and hope to choose a major at the end of this school year. I am a libero/leftside/setter, with my main focus being on libero. I decided to come to Halifax because of the immense reputation it has garnered in both academics and athletics. The city of Halifax also made my decision an easy one as I had an amazing time on my recruiting trip. My summer primarily consisted of beach volleyball and work at my landscaping job. The main focus of my job is wetland construction, which is a very cool and rewarding project. Since getting to Halifax, I have started getting into the gym and working on my indoor game every day. The work I have put in over the summer on the beach and in the gym has made a huge difference in my game. I feel very good about the time and effort I have put in this summer and I look forward to being able to showcase it as a Dalhousie Tiger and do my best to make this season a successful one.”

If anyone has any questions or suggestions for my blog, feel free to write a comment or send me an email, dn975998@dal.ca.