24-30 September: Green Shift Week at King’s

Green Shift Week at the University of King’s College is from September 24-30th and is open to all Dalhousie students. The week is focused on inclusiveness and creating critical discussion about the sustainability movement while also having fun. There are two dimensions to the week.

The first is the Dark and Dirty Experiment Pledge to:
1) Burn calories, not oil for transport.
2) Reduce water consumption
3) Eat an entirely local diet
4) Produce only recyclables and compost, no absolute waste.

The second dimension is all about events!

Wednesday, September 21
6:30 PM: Dr. Michael House

Manning Room, King’s College
“Poets, Scientists and Nature’s Inner Reason: The Romantic Origins of Ecological Thinking” .  (Sponsored by Just Us! Coffee)

Thursday, September 22
6 PM: Haliburton Room:

Preparatory meeting for Green Shift pledge-takers
(The Dark and Dirty Experiment Pledge)
7 PM: Take the “Green Shift” pledge

Saturday, September 24th:
Green Shift Week Official start!

2 PM:
Seaport Farmer’s market Scavenger Hunt

(Meet at 1:30 on King’s Library steps to walk down)
5 PM: Wilson Common Room
Wing’s of Change Workshop
with Canadian Youth Delegation for 350.org’s Moving Planet Day

Monday, September 26th:
11 AM: Clothing Swap in the Quad!

7 PM : KTS lecture hall
“Sustainability and the humanities over the ages”
with Dr. Gordan MacOuat and Dr. Georgy Levit

Tuesday, September 27:
7 PM: Alumni Hall Screening of Gasland followed by panel discussion

Wednesday September 28:
11-5 : HMCS Wardroom: Vagabond Vintage Sale

6:30 p.m. : Daybay:
Local Cooking Class with Local Source’s Professional Chefs (sponsored by Just Us! Coffee)

9:30 : Wardroom Sustainability Trivia

Thursday, September 29:

Community Outreach with local businesses

7 PM Ondaatje Auditorium, McCain Building, 6135 University
College of Sustainability ESS (Environment, Sustainability and Society)
Thursday Night Lecture Series
No Impact Man” (2009) followed by panel discussion

Friday September 30:
6 p.m. Critical Mass
7 p.m.: St. Andrews Final Dinner for pledge takers (Sponsored by Just Us! Coffee)
10 p.m.: “Righteously Re-used Dance Party in the Wardroom.

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