June 5th-11th: Sign up for the Commuter Challenge & the chance to win a MEC gift certificate!

Dalhousie is supporting the Commuter Challenge week hosted by Clean Nova Scotia. We are asking everyone who currently commutes and those who want to try something new, to get involved! If you register and participate in the challenge throughout the week (June 5-11th), you will be eligible for the MEC gift certificate draw sponsored by the Dalhousie Office of Sustainability. First prize is $50 to spend at MEC, and the second prize is $25!

The Commuter Challenge is a friendly week-long competition between Canadian cities and workplaces that encourage Canadians to leave their vehicles at home. It’s a time to walk, rollerblade, cycle, carpool, ride the transit system, or even work from home. These modes are significantly less harmful to the environment then driving alone and can assist in getting us more active!

Register before June 5th! When asked to select your ‘Company Name’, please select ‘Dalhousie University’ to be eligible for the MEC gift certificate draw.

At the end of each day during the Commuter Challenge week, you will need to quickly sign in to update your account with how many km you traveled that day and what mode of transportation you used. At the end of the week you will receive a report on the C02 emissions avoided, gas saved, and calories burnt. Final numbers are then tallied to see how we stand-up with other organizations and companies across the country.

Why not ride your bike to work? Here is a map of all the bike racks on Campus and if you are in need of some bike repairs you could always visit the Campus Bike Centre during their open hours listed on the website.

Perhaps you live a long distance away from Dalhousie? You could try carpooling! Dalhousie has a carpooling program that offers a reserved RideShare parking space to students or employees who carpool to school together. To find out more or to register with the program please call Security Services at 494-6400. See page 6 of Dalhousie’s parking regulations 10/11 for more information.

If you would like to try commuting using active transportation, but you are worried about not having a vehicle available for emergencies or meetings across town, check out our Guaranteed Ride Home program (you could be eligible for up to five free taxi chits) or our carshare membership program.

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