March 26: Earth Hour @ Dalhousie!

Written by Brittany Maguire, Dalhousie’s WWF Campus Outreach Assistant.

On Saturday March 26th, people around the world will be turning off their lights from 8:30pm – 9:30pm for Earth Hour. WWF is calling on Canadians to think about how we use and produce energy. Canada can be a world leader in clean energy but the longer we wait, the more it will cost – both in dollars and environmental impact. Show your support and switch off your lights.

This international campaign is being supported on the Dalhousie University campus with plenty of ways for you to get involved – including a Murder Mystery Game in the dark!

1) Pledge to turn off your lights from 8:30 – 9:30pm on Saturday, March 26th. Make your pledge public by entering your name, your faculty/department and email in the comment box at the bottom of this blog post. Please note in the comment box if you are a faculty/department staff member or a student.

There will be two prizes up for grabs:

For faculty and staff:The faculty/department with the highest percentage of pledgers will win a Lunch & Learn session that includes a delicious free lunch and training on how to conduct an energy and water audit of your home. The winning team will then get to borrow one of Dalhousie’s new audit kits for a month. It can be rotated around so everyone can have a chance to take it home and put it to use!

For students: There will be a raffle draw out of pledged names for a dinner gift certificate for two to the Wooden Monkey!

2) Take the National pledge to turn off your lights.

3) Turn off your lights Saturday, March 26th from 8:30pm – 9:30pm. What can you do in that hour? Have a party in the dark, eat dinner by candlelight (or completely in the dark!), play hide and go seek in the dark or take a stroll outside to see who else has got their lights off  -  the possibilities are endless!  Or you could come and participate in an event being organized for Dalhousie!

A message to Dalhousie Faculty & Staff: Don’t forget to turn off your lights and appliances and turn down your heat when you leave your office on Friday, March 25th (the day before the Earth Hour event).

4) Come out to play an Earth Hour Murder Mystery Game in the dark – that’s right we are going to be hosting our own live action murder mystery game. Love clue? Then this night is definitely for you!

What happens when the lights go off…
This year we invite you to solve the mystery of an Earth Hour murder. All you need to do is show up and be ready to play a live action interactive murder mystery game. Feel free to dress up Clue style! Interested in acting out a part? Let Brittany know at

Time: Saturday, March 26 at 8:00pm - 12:00am  (Murder Mystery Game 8:00-9:30)
Location: Main Dining Room, University Club, Dalhousie University (Old building to the left of the Henry Hicks Building facing the field). Click here for a map (the University Club is highlighted in red).

RSVP to the Earth Hour Murder Mystery Facebook Event to stay updated!

The bar will be open for those who are 19+ and there will also be soft drinks for those who are not. The game will last a bit over an hour and following the game there will be time to mingle by candlelight! Try and be on time so you know what is going on!

5) Living in residence? Check out the Eco-Olympics schedule for Earth Hour events being organized. Want to help organize an event for your residence? Contact Chauncey (, or Sean (

6) Take action beyond Earth Hour – Earth hour is great time to reflect on how to make our own lifestyles and communities more sustainable. Think about how you can conserve energy, buy more local and organic food, use active transportation more often, reduce, reuse & recycle and get involved in the transition to a more sustainable world.

7) Spread the word! Join the Earth Hour @ Dalhousie Event and invite friends!


  1. Brittany Maguire says

    Super excited!

    Brittany Maguire
    Student – Environmental Science and International Development Studies

  2. Sarah Kraus says

    Sustainability Student.

    I pledge to turn off my lights for Earth Hour – and join in the festivities at King’s!

  3. Liz Spence says

    Master of Environmental Studies student with the School for Resource and Environmental Studies, Faculty of Management.

    Very excited for Earth Hour! Might make it even longer than 1 hour :)

  4. Robin McCullough says

    Student-Economics and Environmental Studies. I pledge to turn off all the lights at home and unglug anything that is normally plugged in. (except my alarm clock)

  5. Tony Viazminska says

    student in the Internetworking progarm. Of course I’m in … I’ll try to let the other guys in the flat to do the same as well :)

  6. Max Ma says

    Brittany Maguire converted me into participating in Earth Hour. She is a really convincing person, and I love Clue.


  7. Lily Brown says

    Postgraduate Medicine (staff). I plan to enjoy the quiet and play cards with my daughter via my solar lamp.

  8. Sean Lanzner says

    Bachelor of Management ESS Major

    My lights are never on! I am going to a group event with friends in the dark and will turn off almost all of my electric possessions for the day!

  9. Josh Hood says

    I will be preforming in a play during Earth Hour but the light in my room will be off during Earth Hour.

  10. Haley Guest says

    Haley Guest pledges!
    Currently in BA program, but I’m switching to Environmental Science because of THIS.

  11. Meade Humble says

    I will certainly turn off the lights!

    Student – Marine Biology Co-op
    Staff – Oceanography (Lab Technician)

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