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Award-winning staff – Patricia Collins

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Congratulations to Patricia Collins, senior instructor, honours advisor and program coordinator in the Department of Biology, who is a recipient of the Rosemary Gill Award.

The Rosemary Gill Award was given to four deserving women this year who exemplify the values and characteristics of Dr. Gill: passion, dedication, and a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty for Dalhousie students.

Ms Collins was called an “advocate, a mentor and an invaluable resource” to the Department of Biology for her overwhelming dedication, once even making attempts to stay in touch with students while she was on educational leave.

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Undergraduate Research Prize recipients

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Congratulations to the recipients of the first annual Faculty of Science Undergraduate Research Prize.

The prize is a non-monetary recognition of contribution to research. The aim of the prize is to provide a non-GPA-based recognition of an undergraduate’s learning experience outside of the class room. The prize is also recognition of valuable contribution to research. The prize is awarded annually upon graduation to eligible students.

Students with at least eight months of summer research experience while registered in a BSc 20 credit major or BSc Honours program at Dalhousie University may seek to be nominated from one or more Faculty members. The supporting letter(s) should describe the student’s research contributions and the duration of time spent in each laboratory.
This year’s winners are:

  • Paul Duchesne – Bachelor of Science: Honours in Chemistry – First Class Honours
  • Daniel Sullivan – Bachelor of Science: (20 credit) Major in Biology -  Distinction
  • Leanne Lucas  – Bachelor of Science: Honours Co-op in Chemistry
  • Lindsay Cherpak – Bachelor of Science: Honours in Physics
  • Graham Carey –  Bachelor of Science: Honours in Chemistry and Physics – First Class Honours
  • Nicole White – Bachelor of Science: Honours in Neuroscience – First Class Honours
  • Catherine Holloway – Bachelor of Science: Honours in Physics

Congratulations to each of the prize recipients!

Award-winning Chemistry professor

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Congratulations to Chemistry professor Jean Burnell – honored with the university’s top teaching prize, the Dalhousie Alumni Association Award for Excellence in Teaching.

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