FoS Students’ Weekly E-Newsletter #3 (September 14, 2011)

In the news this week:

1. The Next 36
2. Veterinarian Medicine Info Session – Sept 27
3. Studying for Success
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Important Dates for September to December 2011
Sept 8 – Last day to register
Sept 8 – Classes begin, fall term
Sept 23 – Fees due for fall term; last day to add classes; last day for late registration; last day to drop classes with no financial implications; last day for complete refund; last day to apply for honours programs; last day to change from Dalhousie to King’s and vice versa
Oct 3 – December Exam schedule posted
Oct 7 – Last day to change fall classes from audit to credit (and vice versa); last day to drop without a “W”
Oct 10 – Canadian Thanksgiving Day – University closed
Oct 15-16 – Fall Convocations
Nov 7 – For X/Y classes, last day to drop without a “W”; and last day to change fro audit to credit (and vice versa) fall classes only; last day to drop with a “W”
Nov 10 – Study Day – no classes (university open)
Nov 11 – In lieu of Remembrance Day, university closed
Nov 14 – Last day to apply for admission to winter term
Dec 1 – Last day to apply to graduate in May 2012 using Dal Online
Dec 7 – Classes end, fall term
Dec 9 – Exam period begins
Dec TBA – Summer School timetable available for viewing on Dal Online. Summer class registration begins TBA
Dec 19 – Residences close at noon
Dec 24 – University will be closed from noon on Dec 24 until Jan 3rd
Jan 4 – Classes resume

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1. The Next 36

I am writing to request your assistance in identifying one or two of your best undergraduate students who you think would be outstanding candidates for The Next 36. Ideal candidates are: 1) highly intelligent, 2) entrepreneurial, and 3) driven.

The Next 36 is an extra-curricular entrepreneurship program for outstanding undergraduate students from any discipline at any Canadian university or Canadians at any foreign university.

Each successful applicant is placed on a team of four, given $50,000, 2 mentors, 180 hours of academic and practitioner instruction from faculty and Canadian business leaders as well as other resources to conceive and launch a mobile or tablet application-based venture.

The goal of The Next 36 is to give 48 (originally 36!) of Canada’s most promising undergraduates the academic foundation, practical skills, business mentorship, and aspirations to take on the nation’s most challenging, and promising, entrepreneurial opportunities in the future.

All successful applicants will receive a full scholarship for the program (estimated cost: $25,000).

We are in the final stages of the program for our first cohort of students. So far the program has been a measurable success on many dimensions.

Admission is highly competitive. Several university presidents (Toronto, Western, McGill) are hosting Next 36 receptions this fall for their top 50 undergraduates to encourage their participation in the program.

If you are willing, then please encourage suitable candidates to apply at The Next 36 website.

The early application deadline is September 14th, 2011, with a final application deadline October 7th, 2011.

Thank you for considering this request,

Ajay Agrawal
Academic Director, The Next 36
Peter Munk Professor of Entrepreneurship Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
Gillian Nation
Business Officer, The Next 36
MaRS Centre
101 College Street, Heritage Building
Suite 120-D

2. Veterinarian Medicine Info Session

Reps from UPEI will be visiting campus for this session on Tuesday, September 27th, 9 am in 5th Floor Biology Lounge. Attend if you are interested.

3. Studying for Success

The transition from high school to university life can often be a challenging one. However, with help from the Studying for Success program, you too can become a more effective learner. Attend our workshops or drop in for individual study skills sessions, where we can help you with Time Management, Critical Reading, Note taking, Preparing for Exams, and much more. We at SFS would like to make your university experience a more rewarding one. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Let Studying for Success help
you find smarter ways to study.

For more information or to make appointments, please:

  • visit our website
  • visit our main office in the Killam Library, Room G28 (main floor)
  • call 494-3077 or
  • email the Coordinator at:

The Studying for Success Program helps students become more effective learners. Our workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions can assist students in developing study skills that can, in turn, help them to:

  • Manage information more efficiently
  • Improve their concentration and memory
  • Be more prepared in class and during exams
  • Increase their academic success
  • -Develop career-related, marketable skills

This FREE service is available to ALL students, so please notify your students of our very valuable program.