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The final days of MO

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All good things must end and so, too, must MO.

On a brighter note, even if the mustaches will soon disappear, there is still lots of opportunity to donate to this worthy cause:

As of this writing, the Team Physio: MO MONEY, MO PROBLEMS has raised $2200 and is ranked #2074 out of 22,729 teams in Canada. Not too shabby, boys! But there is still MO work to be done. Remember the goal was set at $4500 so let’s support Team Physio and help them achieve their MO target.

Also ladies, don’t feel left out. There are still some self-adhesive ‘staches remaining in the office. So cozy and stylish, particularly with the cooler MO temperatures and the pending vote for best overall MO. Be all that you can be and support Movember!

It’s Mid Mo!

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It’s hard to believe that we have passed the half-way mark of Movember. Even if the temptation to shave is strong, our stoic team of Mo Money, Mo Problems is holding steady. Not only is the team continuing to Mo at a great rate, it is also continuing to bring in the Mo! As of today, this dedicated bunch has brought in $1430 in pledges. Remember the goal is $4500 so please reward our MO-ers by giving generously to this worthwhile cause:

Also, check out the photo above! There are two faculty members that are incognito, getting into the Movember spirit. Can you pick them out behind all that facial hair?

It’s Mo time!

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When the male physiotherapy students are not studying, volunteering or participating in extra-curricular activities they keep busy by Mo-ing!

They have made amazing progress after only week #1. As of today, they’re  already up to $635 raised and their mustaches aren’t too shabby either!

Let’s keep the boys’ momentum going by donating generously to their team, PHYSIO: Mo Money, Mo Problems:

No More MO!

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Sadly Movember has passed and although some MOs may continue to flourish, others will be kissed good bye. We congratulate and commend our Physio MO team for their efforts in MOing and fund-raising. As of this writing, $4095. has been raised for Prostate cancer which well surpasses the set goal of $3000.

The only bad news, boys, is that when Movember rolls around again next year, you’ve set the bench mark pretty high! Great job!

It’s not too late to contribute:

Onward We MO!

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Only one week left to MO and the “PHYSIO MO BROS & GURLS” are hitting their strides with stellar ‘staches and the grand total of $3030 raised so far! With the snow drifting down around us, those lip warmers could come in very handy.

Let’s support our team all the way to November 30th and applaud their good-natured efforts to support this worthy cause.
Give generously:

Holy MO-ly!

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We are exactly half-way through the month of Movember and the “PHYSIO MO BROS & GURLS” are going strong.

As you may recall, the aim was to surpass last year’s donations of $1000. To date, the Dalhousie Physio team of 27 members has raised $2295 with another couple of weeks of MOing to grow!

We salute this year’s team for their patience, fortitude and fund-raising abilities. If you would like to take part in this important cause (donating or mustaching), there is still another 15 days. Support these good sports and just follow the link to our team site, ”PHYSIO MO BROS & GURLS”:

Mo News!

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Dr. Sandy Rennie, the director of the School of Physiotherapy, is truly in the Mo frame of mind. He has single handedly raised $240 in just the first ten days and is growing a respectable ‘stache to boot.

If you would like to contribute to Dr. Rennie and this worthwhile cause:

It’s Movember Time Again

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Some of the first year male students have decided to partake in Movember. If you aren’t familiar with this, it’s a fundraiser with all the proceeds going towards prostate cancer. The aim is for the guys to grow the dirtiest, sketchiest, or most voluptuous mustaches they can for the month of November and by doing so, “to change the face of men’s health.

Their team is called Mo’s on Physios and below you will find the link to their page on the Movember website. It’s easy to donate online and would be great if everyone could donate a little something to help support this great cause.

The End of Movember


Congratulations to the lads of Movember! Quoting Eric Turcotte, “After 30 days of hard moustaches growing, we raised $661. Thanks for your support!”

For a last look at the facial embellishments, click on the photo below; because like all good things they won’t last.

Movember Update

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After 16 days of growing and grooming, The Movember gang are still at it.

They have raised $185. so far and definitely want to make a lot mo!!!

Thanks for everyone’s support. According to spokesperson, Eric Turcotte, “Have to admit, its not easy to let our moustaches grow, but it is for a good cause.”

You can donate at

For a closer look at all those smiling, happy moustached faces, click on the thumbnail below.

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