NSGEU conciliation resumes this morning

Talks resume today with the negotiating team representing NSGEU Local 77. Conciliation is scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m., with no set end time booked. We look forward to continuing our negotiations, with the goal of reaching an agreement.


  1. Tired of This says

    Is going on strike for a few percentage points worth the loss of salary during a strike? Last time the staff went on strike it lasted 6 weeks. The lost wages does not make a strike worthwhile. The reason there was a vote a few weeks ago was because of the pension – that has been resolved – now the NSGEU wants more. Just be glad to have a job.

  2. David says

    Tired of This: even a six-week strike is only 11.5% of a year. Since every percentage point gained now will become part of the base of any future raises it may well be worth it.

  3. What? says

    “Just be glad to have a job” is the attitude that has given rise to so many members of our society piecing together part-time jobs that don’t have benefits and that don’t pay a living wage. Everybody deserves the right to a decent living and should have the right to negotiate a better deal from their employers. Sometimes people have to sacrifice in the short term to achieve benefits in the long term. “Just be glad to have a job” is what contributes to a shrinking middle class and to longer working hours and less holiday time. Nobody should take their job for granted; but nobody should “just be glad to have a job.” I hope the NSGEU Local 77 were treated fairly in negotiations and received a fair deal.

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