Conciliation Talks Scheduled March 20; NSGEU Local 77 Files Strike Notice

Earlier today, NSGEU Local 77 filed strike notice for Thursday, March 22.  This is a normal part of the collective bargaining process, and does not guarantee that a strike will happen.

We are confirmed to resume conciliation talks with the union on Tuesday, March 20. We look forward to continuing negotiations with the union and reaching an agreement on Tuesday.

We know this is a stressful time for everyone. However, we are optimistic an agreement will be reached on Tuesday that the union can recommend to its members and the university negotiating team can recommend to the Board of Governors for ratification.

Notice to Students:
In the event of a strike by our employees in NSGEU Local 77, classes will continue, exams will go ahead as scheduled, libraries will remain open, and food services will continue to be available.

Dalhousie’s administrative and technical support staff provide valuable support services to the university, but we will strive to keep frontline service disruptions to a minimum. 

Please be assured that your academic term will not be compromised.


  1. says

    I do hope the University Administration keeps in mind the invaluable support the members of NSGEU Local 77 provide to the teaching staff and students of each Department and Faculty. Now would be a good time to demonstrate just how invaluable they are. Thank you.

  2. Peter says

    I get that this won’t cancel classes or exams or anything, but what does this mean for students? Will anything change for us? I’m simply curious. Hope all can get a deal before a strike is necessary.

  3. Ruth Bleasdale says

    Prof RB: The members of NSGEU local 77 provide invaluable service to the teaching staff and students of all Departments and Faculties. Now would be a good time for the Administration to provide tangible evidence that it appreciations these Dalhousie members’ central role in delivering our programmes and seeing students through to graduation each spring. Thank you.

  4. Dan says

    Could you please tell me if the DFA has ratified their contract and if all exams are going to finish on time as scheduled. I am trying to book a flight and I need to know this.

  5. Maria, Staff Member says

    I just hope that the university will make a reasonable offer, this time around. If not, I will see you on the picket line.

  6. unappreciated says

    The employees on campus provide many, many services and I do believe there will be disruptions to all of campus if the 800 employees are off on strike. Many employees have been at the University for over 10 – 15 years. Show us a little appreciation by providing us with a fair offer. We have been loyal to the University and our jobs for many years, now it’s your turn to prove that you truly appreciate all of the hard work that your employees put in to keep day to day operations running. If you think the staff are going to be happy to accept 1% think again. That is about $20 extra at the end of the month on top of our take home pay. What exactly can you do with $20, you can’t fill your gas tank, you can’t take your 3 kids out to McDonalds for dinner, you can’t buy groceries for one dinner, you can’t buy a pair of pants, really 1% – great way to show your appreciation towards the staff at one of the “100 greatest places to work”. What a joke!

  7. David says

    Dan: The DFA (profs and librarians) ratification vote finishes today. I would expect its result to be known tomorrow or on Wednesday. I don’t know when the Board of Governors will vote on the tentative agreement with the DFA.

    Peter: NSGEU includes employees such as secretaries. This is why classes, exams, and library servies would continue. However, at the admin level, things would of course get slowed down considerably. But most students shouldn’t be immediately affected by that.

    questions: since NSGEU includes technical staff I’m not sure what would happen if the email or Blackboard system developed a problem. I would assume that, as long as it works fine, it would continue to work, but as soon as a technical problem develops, it could be difficult to get it fixed. However, I’m not really sure about this topic.

  8. Staff_C says

    In response to Dan, classes will still proceed, but a lot of administrative and support services (Departments, Registrar, Student Accounts, Human Resources etc.) will be effected. Processes will become back logged and potentially affect the ability of the university to process applications, scholarships, registration etc….

  9. Kellie says


    Just a FYI. The Killam Library is staffed aprox. 75% by NSGEU. Yes the library will be open but I would anticipate that some services will not be available and there would be considerable delays in services

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