Learn a New Language–On Us!

Always wanted to learn Pashto (or Mandarin? or Haitian Creole?) but just couldn’t find the time? Well here’s your chance!

The Libraries are making Mango, a web-based “language learning centre,” available to you free on a trial basis until mid-July. It offers Basic and Complete 2.0 courses in easy, interactive modules for 34 languages from Arabic to Vietnamese, as well as ESL courses for speakers in 15 different languages. Mango also includes Google’s quick translation tool. Please note this is available on the Dal campus only.

Try it out and fateci sapere cosa ne pensate (let us know what you think!)

Free Trial to JoVE

Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) is a peer reviewed, PubMed indexed journal devoted to the publication of biological, medical, chemical and physical research in a video format. Beginning June 16 until June 30 you will have the opportunity to explore the content of this publication through the free trial set up by the Kellogg Library.

Access JoVE now!

Please send comments to Patrick.Ellis@dal.ca

EBook of the Week: Chaos in Yemen

Chaos in Yemen : Societal Collapse and the New Authoritarianism examines the reasons behind the current political and social chaos in one of the poorest countries of the Arab world. Comparing recent history with current events, it provides essential historical background to understanding the situation as in large part an expression of authoritarian rule.

For Dal users only. Read it online!

Sexton Library QR Codes

Need help while visiting the Sexton Library? Look for this QR code signage in the stacks and scan to access our mobile-friendly help guides. These are currently available for our standards, theses and journal collections. Scan this image to check it out!

For research assistance, and to learn more about these codes, stop by the Sexton Library Reference Desk.

Construction at Killam This Summer

This summer the Killam Library will be undergoing several construction projects inside and out. In addition to the “facelift” you can see now making repairs to external walls, visitors will also notice the following happening on the second floor.

  • Construction of washrooms adjacent to the LINC classroom. Materials are expected to start arriving on site for this project this week with construction beginning shortly thereafter. This project is expected to be completed by the end of August. Please note there will be some noise involved as holes will need to be drilled through the floor to accommodate plumbing. We have requested that the noisiest work be completed between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m., realizing that some exceptions to this may be needed for short periods of time.
  • An emergency exit will be constructed off the balcony from the second floor reading room. Tentative start date for this project is the week of June 13th. It will get noisy at times as well, as the existing balcony will have to be demolished and the anchors to support the new structure will have to be installed. Use of some equipment (possibly a bobcat) will also be required.

We apologize for the disruption as we continue to make improvements to your library!

Book of the Week: Life in the World’s Oceans

A synthesis and analysis of the first Census of Marine Life, this book brings together the work of over 2700 scientists from more than 80 nations around the globe, including Dalhousie contributors Ian Jonsen (Biology), Heike Lotze (Biology), Anna Metaxas (Oceanography), Catherine Muir (Biology), and Boris Worm (Biology).

Life in the World’s Oceans is broadly divided into four sections, covering oceans past, oceans present, and oceans future, and a final section on how the data which has been gathered is being used. Find it in WorldCat now!

This is a book about vastness and deepness…
This is a book of journeys…
This is a book of mysteries…

This book reports the known, the unknown, and unknowable of the first Census of Marine Life.

This book is about the richness of 3.5 billion years.

From the Foreword by Jesse H. Ausubel

Bike Week Photo of the Day #5

More freebies for cyclists today!  Today’s schedule of events includes 1 hour of free bowling at HRM Bowlarama locations (from 4-8) and a free yoga class for cyclists at Moshka Yoga Halifax (1512 Dresden Row).  Ride, free yoga, ride, free bowling.  What’s not to like?

Bike Week will continue throughout the weekend – tomorrow is jam-packed with events and activities – but our Photo of the Day series wraps up today.  What better way to close out an exciting week of cycling activities than this pair of photographs of a bicycle high wire act at a local carnival:

Bicycle high wire act at a Bill Lynch Show.  Photograph from an album in the Bill Lynch fonds (MS-4-218)

Bicycle high wire act at a Bill Lynch Show. Photograph from an album in the Bill Lynch fonds (MS-4-218)

Yep.  That really happened!  Safe and happy cycling everyone.

ConGRADulations Asmeret Gheabreab!

If you were on campus this Tuesday you might have seen our own Asmeret Gheabreab among the throng of happy convocating students. Asmeret, a Library Assistant in the Kellogg Health Sciences Library’s Technical Services department, is now the proud holder of a Bachelor of Management degree. What makes her accomplishment even more special is that she acquired her degree while working and parenting full time—she has three children.

“I love learning,” says Asmeret, who already had a degree in Business Administration from the Nova Scotia Community College. When she began working at Dal, she thought “Okay, what’s next?” She saw the Dal staff tuition waiver as a prime opportunity to foster her passion for lifelong learning, and registered with the Faculty of Management program.

And what will she do with her newly earned laurels? “I’ll just wait and see where life takes me,” she says with a big smile. “I’m always open to new challenges, and I can’t wait to spread my wings and fly!”

Bike Week Photo of the Day #4

If all this riding has your bike chain in a knot, MEC and the Halifax Cycling Coalition are hosting another commuter maintenance station on the Dartmouth side of the MacDonald Bridge.  If you’re just tuning in for the photo of the day, we have another bicycle safety week photo for you!

Bicycle Safety Week. Photograph from the Wamboldt-Waterfield Photography and Clark Photographic fonds (MS-4-250, Box 22, File 17)

Bicycle Safety Week. Photograph from the Wamboldt-Waterfield Photography and Clark Photographic fonds (MS-4-250, Box 22, File 17)

Look at all those bicycles!  We’ll wrap up the Bike Week Photo of the Day tomorrow with one you won’t want to miss.  Hint – the cyclists are teetering!