Welcome Back to Campus!

First and foremost, compute responsibly. Never open unsolicited emails requesting you to login or provide information unless you are certain of where it is going. Spam and phishing ploys bombard our networks constantly. Most are obvious, but not all. If in doubt, hesitate. Those that get duped cause hardship for themselves and others. It also puts your information and identity at risk.

Second, know where your data is - where it’s stored, backed up and protected. Some of you rely on university services, others of your own devices. Many continue to use the hard drives on their computers, but more and more people are using social networking and other online services to store their information and make it accessible from anywhere. This can be a huge convenience, especially with the proliferation of mobile devices, but be careful. It’s one thing to put your personal documents out there, it’s quite another if it’s your Dalhousie work. If anything is private or sensitive, it should not be stored on resources outside of the University’s control.

Need to Know

  • DalAlert – Dalhousie’s mobile messaging provides emergency alerts and news on weather-related closures and cancellations. Subscribe to DalAlert.
  • Employees with a desk phone may have voice messages sent to email as voice files.  Learn more.
  • Looking for the newest and best wireless connection? Select      WPA-2 in your wireless settings. This is the new wireless network offered through most locations on campus. (we’re working on covering the campus completely).
  • Have a new smart phone, laptop or iPad you want to connect? See wireless.dal.ca.
  • You can send large files to many individuals without clogging their email boxes with filedrop.dal.ca.
  • You may now go to participating campuses and use your Dalhousie username and password to get on their networks. (for a list of participating schools….visit Eduroam at Dalhousie).
  • Need Assistance? Call, click or walk in to the Help Desk.  Located in the Killam Learning Commons and on the Sexton Campus.
    1. Need a Wireless Connection?
    2. Trouble with your Password?
  • 3 Keys to Preventing Security Problems
    1. Protect Your Password - “A password is like a toothbrush; choose a good one, don’t share it with anyone, and replace occasionally”
    2. Secure Your Computer - Use Dal’s Antivirus software.  Be careful what you download, too.  The more you add, the more you risk.
    3. Be Savvy - Be careful and judicious about what you post online.  Never assume an entitlement of privacy online.  What you post is forever, for better or worse.
  • Dalhousie University’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) – Everyone is accountable for knowing and understanding this policy.  We provide the network on which you connect and interact.  Know the rules.