Dalhousie University Hosts AUCTC 2014

The Atlantic Universities and Colleges Technology Conference (AUCTC) is an annual meeting of IT professionals from Atlantic Canada’s post-secondary institutions.

We are excited to host this one-day event near our Faculty of Agricultural campus in Truro. The Best Western Plus Glengarry Hotel is the site of this year’s conference.

The duration of this year’s event is a jammed packed one day professional development opportunity. This year’s theme is ‘Share the Future’.

‘Share’ your knowledge and expertise. ‘Share’ your ideas, your tips, and pitfalls. ‘Share’ your experiences with new technologies and collaboration initiatives.

‘Share’ the Future of IT.

Register now at auctc2014.dal.ca

Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data, Enabling Trust – CONFERENCE REGISTRATION


Join us for Data Privacy Day, February 19, 2014, 1:00 - 5:00 pm as Dalhousie University again hosts a half-day conference focused on privacy.   Come and learn how to protect your privacy and why it matters.

To accommodate growing attendance and interest in this topic we have moved the location to the Ondaatje Hall, Marion McCain Arts and Social Sciences Building, 6135 University and slightly changed the structure of the day to still provide networking opportunities.

We are very pleased to have Chantal Bernier, acting Privacy Commissioner of Canada, and Tracy Ann Kosa, Senior Strategist at Microsoft, as our opening and closing keynotes.

Additional speakers include Carrie Gates, Dalhousie alumnus and Chief Scientist at Dell and Graham McWaters, Canada’s leading expert on identity theft protection.

Register Now!  Visit: www.dal.ca/dataprivacyday.  The low cost registration (free to students) is required and includes a mid-afternoon networking break with refreshments plus eligibility for door prizes.  The event is open to all members of the public.

Dalhousie has championed Data Privacy Day since it began in 2008. For more information visit StaySafeOnline

Privacy is Everyone’s Concern – Data Privacy Day 2013


Does identity theft concern you?  What about the other digital footprints we are leaving in the form of social media posts, purchase histories, and even medical records?  Where are we headed with privacy and can, or should, we do anything?

Join us for Data Privacy Day, January 30, 2013, 12:00 – 4:30 p.m.  McInnes Room, SUB as Dalhousie University will again be hosting a half-day conference focusing on topics for data privacy and protection.

We are very pleased to have Jill Clayton, Alberta’s Information and Privacy Commissioner and Simon Davies, Founder and former Director General of Privacy International (UK) as our keynote speakers.

Additional speakers include Dwight Fischer, Assistant Vice President & CIO, Dalhousie University; Peter Morin, Bell Aliant and John Bullock from Dalhousie.

Register Now! Visit:  www.dal.ca/dataprivacyday (Registration includes a light lunch)

A reception for registrants of the conference will follow from 4:30 – 6:30.  Here you will get a chance to meet the privacy commissioner as well as other presenters.  Once you have registered for the conference, please remember to email DPDreception@dal.ca if you plan to attend the reception.

Data Privacy Day 2012, Great Showing!

John Bullock, Data Privacy Day 2012 (photo by Bob Pettipas)

Receiving excellent reviews, Dalhousie University hosted its 5th annual Data Privacy Day on January 25, 2012.  This is a global initiative recognized around the world to raise awareness and promote privacy education.  Remember, privacy is everyone’s concern!



220+ participants listened to the keynote speaker, Michael Power, a Toronto-based lawyer and consultant, address “eHealth & Privacy:  Issues & Implications for Society.”  Joining him was Peter Morin, Bell Aliant’s Corporate Security Group, who talked about “Targeted Cyber Attacks:  How They Affect Privacy.”  Dalhousie’s Information Security Manager, John Bullock, gave an insightful talk “1984 at twenty-eight:  The State of Surveillance.”  Identity theft was the topic discussed by Sgt. Tom Murdoch, RCMP.  The day was concluded with  Ryan McNutt, Manager, Publications for Dalhousie University, with the topic “Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself:  A Digital Footprint Checklist.”


Interested in hearing what these speakers had to say?  Slides and video presentations of this year’s conference are now available by visiting Data Privacy Day 2012.   A Dal News articles “Living Digital Lives” gives a great account of the day’s event – you should check it out!


Mark you calendars for next year, January 30, 2013!


Will identity theft strike you in your lifetime?  Are you concerned about where your health records reside?  What kind of digital footprint are you leaving in your path to the future?


Joins us for Data Privacy Day 2012, January 25, 12:00 – 4:30,  McInnes Room, SUB as Dalhousie University will again be hosting a half-day conference focusing on topics for data privacy and protection.


This year we will be joined by Michael Power, a lawyer and consultant, who has written extensively on privacy and information security issues.  He is the author of the “Access to Information and Privacy” title of Halsbury’s Laws of Canada and co-author of the American Bar Association best seller “Sailing in Dangerous Waters: A Director’s Guide to Data Governance.”


We will also hear from Peter Morin, team lead, information security with Bell Aliant and Sgt. Tom Murdock, RCMP along with our local favorites John Bullock and Ryan McNutt.  Come and listen to what they have to say and to learn what privacy means to you.


For more information and to register for this event, visit: dataprivacyday 

(Registration includes a light lunch)


For more information on the international celebration, visit: dataprivacyday2012.org 

Join us for a “Forum on Privacy Laws, Cloud Computing and Impact to IT Strategy”

A follow-up conversation to “Email, Communications and Collaboration Tools for the University”

Invitation to Attend:  Monday, April 18, 2011, 2:00-5:00  (Rowe, Potter Auditorium)

Information Technology Services at Dalhousie University is exploring a number of opportunities with emerging “Software-as-a-Service” or “Cloud Computing” initiatives.  Cloud computing introduces a number of potential concerns around security, privacy, data ownership and data stewardship.

In an effort to address concerns and increase awareness around the legal, policy and academic implications, Dalhousie has invited professionals in a number of areas to speak and take part in a panel discussion on these topics.


David Fraser, Partner, McInnes Cooper

Mr. Fraser will speak to Canadian and American laws in relation to cross border data transfer, privacy and access to information.


Dwight Fischer, CIO, Dalhousie University

Mr. Fischer will speak to the technology challenges and changes taking place and the impact on Dalhousie.


Paul Jones, Policy & Education Officer, Canadian Association of University Teachers

Mr. Jones will speak to concerns around privacy and academic freedom, specifically how it relates to faculty.


Come and take part in the discussion on April 18th, 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.!

Join the online converations now at blogs.dal.ca/connectedU

Invitation to Attend: “Email, Communications and Collaboration Tools for the University”

Presentation Dates:  April 11 and 12, 2011  (Rowe Potter Auditorium,  2:00 -4 :00 pm)

In an effort to modernize communication and collaboration tools for students, faculty, staff and alumni, the University is investigating new communication and productivity tools.  These tools would enhance collaboration and support teaching, learning and research.

The two solutions for consideration are Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365.  These events will be held in the Rowe Potter Auditorium.  All are welcome to attend!


Microsoft & non-linear creations will present Office 365 – April 11, 2:00 – 4:00


IMP Solutions will present Google Apps for EducationApril 12, 2:00 – 4:00

Data Privacy Day 2011, Huge Success!

Dwight Fischer, Bob Doherty, Robert Ellis Smith, John Bullock, Ryan McNutt, Henry Stern, David T.S. Fraser (photo by Court Milley)

Speakers (L to R): Dwight Fischer, Bob Doherty, Robert Ellis Smith, John Bullock, Ryan McNutt, Henry Stern, David T.S. Fraser (photo by Court Milley)


Data Privacy Day, January 26, 2011 was once again a huge success as Dalhousie University was host to 200+ participants representing local business, government, students and other members of the Dalhousie community – doubling the attendance from last year.

Hightlighted speakers IronPort/Cisco’s Henry Stern, a Dalhousie Computer Science alumnus, involved in the anti-spam community since 2003; David Fraser, also a Dal alumnus & associate professor, one of Canada’s leading privacy law experts; Robert Ellis Smith, a key figure in the global privacy community and author/publisher of the Privacy Journal; Bob Doherty, local privacy consultant; and our own Ryan McNutt (Communications & Marketing), involved in social media strategies all gave excellent presentations on data privacy and protection. 

The event receiving media attention from  Global National and a spot on “Live at 5″, highlights the public’s interest in the protection and security of their personal data.

Interested in hearing more of what the expert panel had to say?  Slides and video presentations of this year’s event are now available by visiting Data Privacy Day 2011.

See you next January 25th, 2012 for the 5th annual celebration of Data Privacy Day!