Phishing: There’s a sucker born every minute

It’s a phrase often attributed to PT Barnam.  Regardless of its true origin, if you give your password to a phisher you may qualify for the sucker label.

If you receive an email request for your password — delete it.

Responsible organizations never send email asking for passwords.  Just delete these emails;  we get them too so you don’t need to report them.


Dalhousie will never send email asking for passwords

ITS Strategic Plan

The ITS Leadership Team spent the summer formulating ideas and writing concepts into a strategic plan for information technology and services at Dalhousie University. We’ve vetted the draft with the University’s leadership team, the ITS staff and our technology support colleagues across the campuses.

The document is attached to this post. This is an important framework for how we spend our time, commit resources and align our services in the years ahead. Take a look, please. We’d like to hear what you think.

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