Top Ten List for Technology

  1. There is a new Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for all users of Dalhousie network, computing resources and information systems. This policy applies to all who use Dalhousie network and computing resources. See AUP.
  2. Dal’s email system was bolstered this summer with more resources. You now have 500 megabytes of storage. If you need more, ask. This is a short-term resolution. We are exploring new options for student, alumni and employee email systems for the next year.
  3. A project is underway to revamp the Dalhousie web site. For more information, see Busy Summer Indeed & Web Project Update. Expect to hear more throughout the year.
  4. A new wireless network is being installed across the campuses. The Carleton Campus received new equipment this summer and plans call for expansion to both Studley and Sexton Campuses in the next twelve months.
  5. Information Technology Services (ITS) is in the process of writing a strategic plan for IT across the University. It will be linked to the goals and objectives of the University Strategic Planning process. The University community will be invited to review and provide feedback this fall.
  6. It is a good idea to have a separate email for personal business. Dalhousie email provides a high degree of privacy and security, but never assume what you send has absolute privacy. In this day and age, there is no such thing. See Privacy Online.
  7. If you receive emails requesting you to update your account or anything else that requires you to submit personally identifiable information, don’t! If in doubt, contact the ITS Help Desk (ext. 2376 or . The phishing scams are getting more and more sophisticated. Don’t be duped!
  8. Your default email is your It’s a good idea to change that to an alias like your first.lastname. It will hide your NetID and make it easier for people to email you intuitively. See Email Services.
  9. If you need to distribute large files, avoid clogging the email boxes of recipients and use the file transfer.
  10. If you work with sensitive data or information systems from home, download the VPN.

For additional information on these or any other topics, drop us a note, comment or call the Help Desk at ext. 2376.

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  1. says

    My son is a first year student at DAL this semester from Ontario. I helped him with his most of his various online registration procedures and wanted to provide some feedback.

    I find that DAL has too many websites. I appreciate that there is lots of information but trying to navigate and find one’s way from site to site is extremely confusing. It made the registration process extremely challenging. I would suggest that for anyone new to DAL, it must be quite overwhelming especially if they are not computer savvy.

    One area in particular that is most confusing is Student accounts, checking outstanding balances and paying fees etc.

    Hope this feedback is helpful. If you wish to solicit more feedback from me, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  2. Stewart Rand says

    Just a note about the VPN solution: it doesn’t support 64-bit operating systems! Almost all new computers sold today have a 64-bit OS installed. We should use a VPN solution that can run on modern computers.

    Personally, I got a new computer this year, running a 64-bit copy of Windows, and I can’t use the VPN client.