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EFAP expanded to Associated and Grant-Paid employees

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Associated and grant-paid employees are now eligible for the services of Dalhousie’s Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP), provided by Shepell·fgi.  Expanding access to this free and confidential counselling and advisory service will ensure that our workplace community has the opportunity to nurture the physical and emotional well-being of themselves and their family members.

Learn more about EFAP on the Healthy Dalhousie website at or visit


Assertiveness for Women (webinar)

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Assertiveness for Women: Finding the Right Balance  (webinar)

Date: Thursday, April 10, 2014
Time: 1:00-2:00pm ET 
Presented by: Canadian Management Centre


Women of all ages, whether  entering the business world for the first time, keeping pace on the fast track or returning to the workforce – often face the same challenge:  “How can I effectively communicate what I need, want, think or believe to others?”  This challenge is not limited to just professional interactions; it may also exist in family and social interactions.  

Many women suffer from the ‘disease to please’.  The question of how to express yourself, deliver the message effectively and be heard without worrying about what people think, coming across as bossy, or second guessing yourself, is a personal development skill many women seek.
The way we communicate often reflects how we feel about ourselves – a mental picture of our strengths, weaknesses and personality; which ultimately influences our actions.  When we value ourselves, we are well on our way to being able to effectively assert our thoughts, ideas and opinions.
Join this FREE encore webinar presentation that will help you assess what may be holding you back from asserting yourself and achieving your goals. 

Share your story about how Dal’s EFAP helped you

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Have you accessed Dal’s Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)? Would you like to share with the Dal community the story of how EFAP helped you?

Human Resources would like to get the word out about the many ways the EFAP can help employees. From legal advice to financial counseling, from dietitians to finding childcare spaces, from career planning to relationship and family management, we want to hear how EFAP supported you or your family member in dealing with an issue or a question.

Please contact Sara Daniels to share your EFAP story.

Be a Mindful Manager

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Those managers, supervisors, or union reps who are known to effectively handle and resolve workplace problems increase their value to the organization and contribute to improving overall workplace mental health.

Mary Ann Baynton has worked with managers who have been stressed or even traumatized by dealing with mental health issues of employees. There is a better way to recognize and respond. Yet, you do not need to become a mental health expert or act as a therapist for your staff. What you need are tools to resolve issues and support employee productivity without risking your own career or health.

Join her for a free webinar at 1:30 pm EST on Wednesday, January 29th. Register today and begin your path to Becoming a Mindful Manager.




“Working Through It” newsletter subscription

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It’s reasonable to assume that, on occasion, we may find ourselves overwhelmed, stressed or challenged by pressures that affect us at work. Maintaining good mental health, and providing support for those who may be coping with a mental health-related issue is in everyone’s best interest.

That’s why Human Resources at Dalhousie is sharing a resource, called “Working Through It,” with those who want to subscribe, as part of our ongoing approach to mental health education and awareness at Dal.

The resources cover a variety of mental health-related issues experienced by real people while they were at work, off work or returning to work. It also includes videos of people who went through tough times while at work who discuss coping strategies and experiences, and share printable resources.

If interested, subscribe by sending an email to with “Working Through It” in the subject line. Over the next several months, you will be sent an email each week that will highlight a different component of Working Through It, which is part of a broader initiative of Workplace Strategies for Mental Health. The emails will provide links to resources that can help all of us be more aware of mental health at work, and how we can reach out to those who may be struggling.

It only takes a few minutes of your workday to watch the short video or review the resources in the weekly emails. Each email will have the subject line Working Through It, so it will be easily identifiable. Please share the links and resources with those who could benefit or to engage others in discussion of these issues.

An introduction to Working Through It is available by watching this video online.

(“Working Through It” is a registered trademark of The Mood Disorders Association of Ontario and Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario carrying on business as a joint venture.)

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