Report #3

The Third Progress Report for the Campus Master Plan has been posted.  At a hefty 206 pages, there’s something there for everyone.  If you have any questions about it, drop me a line or comment!

A big thanks to the Dalhousie Gazette for running a small article on the Campus Master Plan Blog.  I suspect I have them to thank for the increase in traffic.  If you’re new to the blog feel free to wander through old entries and leave comments on anything that sparks your interest.  The categories to the right of the page can help you explore, if you’re looking for anything in particular, or you can always e-mail me at


Green Spaces

While Dalhousie is located in the city-centre we’re lucky to have some green spaces on the campus.  There’s the median in University Avenue, the lawn in front of Sexton Campus and the space in front of the Henry Hicks building.  But, does this space meet the needs of the Dalhousie community?


(1) Do you use the green space on campus?  How?

(2) How could the green spaces be improved to be more usable when the weather is bad?

(3) Anything else you would like to tell us?


Information Sessions

Want to check out some of the Campus Master Plan ideas in person? Have a chance to talk to the consultants? Give some more feedback in person?

Come and check out the Campus Master Plan feedback sessions. They’re running September 23rd to 25th at a number of locations on campus, as listed above. They are informal drop-in sessions and everyone’s invited.



Traditionally residence buildings have been single-use buildings standing on the outskirts of university campuses.  But what if this changed?  The recent trend in campus planning places residence buildings near the centre of campuses, away from surrounding neighbourhoods. 

Mixed-use residences are also becoming popular.  This design places several floors of residence living in a building that includes other uses, such as classrooms or offices.

What do you think of applying these ideas to Dalhousie?

(1) Where should future residences be located?  In the campus core, on the outskirts, or somewhere else?

(2) Should buildings include both floors for residence rooms and floors for other uses?  What other uses should be put in the same building as residence rooms?

(3) Any other thoughts?


Parking on Campus

With many Dalhousie employees and students driving to campus at least some of the time, parking can become a big issue.  Parking spots are scattered across all three campuses, and drivers often complain of being unable to find a space.


(1) What do you think the future of parking should look like at Dalhousie?  More spots?  Consolidate parking into one location?

(2) Parking fees vary depending on the type of parking, starting at $9.27 for one-day parking, with a yearly parking pass costing between $192 and $214 for an unreserved space.  Do you think this price is fair?  Should prices be changed?

(3) Did you know that Dalhousie offers a parking discount to those who register their carpool with the school?  Do you think Dalhousie should introduce any other programs to reduce the need for parking?

(4) Anything else you would like to tell us?

Leave a comment or drop me a line!


Transit to Campus

Metro Transit is used by Dalhousie commuters every day.  35% employees and 58% students take transit to Dal at least some of the time.  What do you think about transit service around Dalhousie?


(1)  Do you take transit to Dalhousie?  Why or why not?

(2)  Is there anything about the Metro Transit service to Dal that you think could be improved?

(3) Any other thoughts?


Blogbreak (blogcation?)

The Campus Master Plan Blog is taking a week off to sip lemonade and read vaguely terrifying mystery novels by a lake.  But fear not, intrepid blog reader, there are lots of old entries on this site for you to explore.  You can even comment on them!

Do you work at Dalhousie?  Then there’s plenty of stuff geared to you.

Interested in cycling issues?  Check out our transportation posts.

Never been here before?  Hey look, an introductory post (you’ll have to scroll down a bit).

Or check out any of the other posts that have been made in the last three months.  There’s something for everybody!

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Exploring Dalhousie

Dalhousie’s campus is not particularly small, and it can sometimes be hard to find your way around.  For example, I’ve been a student here for nearly a year and still regularly consult a campus map when trying to find a building.  Of course I’ve also been known to regularly drive past my own house when not paying attention.


(1) How long have you worked or studied at Dalhousie?

(2) What information do you use to help find your way around campus?  What information would be useful for you to have?

(3) Are there any buildings or services that you had trouble finding when you first came to Dalhousie?

(4) What do you think the most important buildings or services are, for someone new to campus to be able to find?

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Outdoor Furniture

Muskoka chairs!

Muskoka chairs!

While we don’t often want to hang out outside on campus in mid-February, once the weather warms up Dal’s outdoor spaces start to seem much more appealing.  Currently there is a variety of outdoor furniture that can be found around the Dal campuses. There are brightly-coloured Muskoka chairs, simple benches, and plenty of informal places to perch at building entrances.


(1) What kind of outdoor furniture would you like to see at Dalhousie?

(2) What do you think of what’s already there?


Bicycle Parking Lots


A Dalhousie transportation survey, by the Office of Sustainability, found that Dalhousie cyclists are looking for better/more bike racks, and better end of trip facilities on campus. These needs could be met by providing bicycle parking lots near shower and locker rooms on campus. Hopefully, these bicycle parking lots would encourage more people to bicycle to campus.

Two potential locations for bicycle parking facilities would be the Dalplex and Sexton campus.

What do you think of this idea?

(1) Are you in favour of having bicycle parking lots on campus, with shower and locker facilities? Would you use them?

(2) What about the location?

(3) What facilities do you think are necessary for cyclists coming to campus? What would have to be included for you to use them?

(4) Would you be interested if short-term bicycle rentals were offered from these locations?

(5) Any other comments?