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We want to hear from YOU!

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Hello there!

Remember how we talked about the idea of hubs?  Those 4 spaces across campus that would provide central spaces to study, eat and hang out?  Well now we want to know what you think!

The Campus Planners are holding 8 sessions next Wednesday (March 24th) and Thursday (March 25th).  Four meetings are for students are four are for faculty.  We’d love for you to come on out and let us know what you think!  Click on the image at the top of this post, or below, for times and locations.

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Study Space – Part 2


(If you missed Part 1 of our Study Space questions, check it out. And feel free to comment on old entries any time.)

I’ve already asked where you study….

But, where would you like to study?
Imagine you could create a place (or places) to study on-campus.

(1) What would these spaces look like?

(2) Where would they be?

A quiet study carrel tucked in the corner of a library? A coffee shop with lots of tables and plenty of outlets for laptops? A group work room with large tables and a sign-up sheet?

As plans for the campus come together, new study spaces may be created. Let us know what you want them to look like.

Study Space – Part 1

a good place to study?

a good place to study?

As much fun as athletics, socializing, and the Halifax pub scene might be, in the end we students are here at Dalhousie to learn, earn a degree and head out into the world.

There’s a lot of work involved in getting that degree. Having a place to study is important for every student. As part of the Campus Master Plan we’re looking into study space: where do we have it, where do we need it, and what should it look like. Now for the questions!

Current studying habits:
(1) Where do you like to study or work? At home? Off-campus? In one of the libraries? In an empty classroom? A computer lab?

(2) What is it about this study space that makes it the best place for you? Is it the noise levels? The convenience? The proximity to caffeine?

(3) What would make this space better? Sure, you might like the space as it is. But what would make it a more effective place for you to work?

Drop me a comment or an e-mail! And check back soon, we have more questions!