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We want to hear from YOU!

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Hello there!

Remember how we talked about the idea of hubs?  Those 4 spaces across campus that would provide central spaces to study, eat and hang out?  Well now we want to know what you think!

The Campus Planners are holding 8 sessions next Wednesday (March 24th) and Thursday (March 25th).  Four meetings are for students are four are for faculty.  We’d love for you to come on out and let us know what you think!  Click on the image at the top of this post, or below, for times and locations.

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Campus Plan in the News


DalNews ran an article today about the Campus Plan.

If you’ve come to the blog for the first time, please feel free to scroll through past entries (or use the categories on the right of the screen), and leave us feedback on anything you’re interested in.  We’re interested to hear what you have to say, and will take comments on any of the topics, or anything else you would like to tell us.  The most recent draft of the Campus Master Plan can be found here.

You can also send me an e-mail at



Dalhousie needs to be able to welcome students, staff and visitors of varying physical ability onto campus.  Dal recognizes that there are problem areas that need to be improved.


(1) What are the three most serious accessibility issues that need to be resolved?

(2) Have you had any problems with accessibility at Dalhousie?  What changes would you like to see made?

(3) Anything else?

Active Transportation


One proposed idea for the Campus Master Plan involves getting commuters to use sustainable transit more often.  This would include active transportation: walking, bicycling, rollerblading, skateboarding, or running.


(1) Do you use active transportation when coming to Dalhousie?  Why or why not?

(2) What would encourage you to use active transportation more often?

(3) Any other comments?

Sexton Gym


Sexton Gym

The Third Report for the Campus Master Plan suggests examining the way that the athletic facilities at Sexton Campus are being used.  Since the current Sexton gym is under-utilized, the Master Plan suggests that the University explore alternative uses for the space and replace the gym with a modern fitness and recreation facility.  A new use could take advantage of the fact that the Sexton Campus is located in downtown Halifax.  For example, the gym could be converted to a major public lecture hall.


(1) What else could the gym space be used for?

(2) What sort of recreation/fitness facilities are needed to replace the Sexton Gym?

(3) Anything else?

Interesting link…


DalNews is running a discussion page on the parking situation on campus.  You can check it out and leave your two cents.

Student Union Building


The Student Union Building is the centre of a lot of student activity on Studley Campus.  It holds the bookstore, a food court, and numerous student services.  But does the building meet the needs of students and staff? 

The Third Progress Report suggests that the corner of the building at University and LeMarchant be renovated to include a lobby and transit terminal where students can wait for the bus in poor weather.


(1) What do you think of this idea?

(2) Should there be any other changes recommended to the Dal Student Union for the SUB?

(3) Any other comments?

Green Spaces


While Dalhousie is located in the city-centre we’re lucky to have some green spaces on the campus.  There’s the median in University Avenue, the lawn in front of Sexton Campus and the space in front of the Henry Hicks building.  But, does this space meet the needs of the Dalhousie community?


(1) Do you use the green space on campus?  How?

(2) How could the green spaces be improved to be more usable when the weather is bad?

(3) Anything else you would like to tell us?

Information Sessions


Want to check out some of the Campus Master Plan ideas in person? Have a chance to talk to the consultants? Give some more feedback in person?

Come and check out the Campus Master Plan feedback sessions. They’re running September 23rd to 25th at a number of locations on campus, as listed above. They are informal drop-in sessions and everyone’s invited.



Traditionally residence buildings have been single-use buildings standing on the outskirts of university campuses.  But what if this changed?  The recent trend in campus planning places residence buildings near the centre of campuses, away from surrounding neighbourhoods. 

Mixed-use residences are also becoming popular.  This design places several floors of residence living in a building that includes other uses, such as classrooms or offices.

What do you think of applying these ideas to Dalhousie?

(1) Where should future residences be located?  In the campus core, on the outskirts, or somewhere else?

(2) Should buildings include both floors for residence rooms and floors for other uses?  What other uses should be put in the same building as residence rooms?

(3) Any other thoughts?

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