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Sexton Gym


Sexton Gym

The Third Report for the Campus Master Plan suggests examining the way that the athletic facilities at Sexton Campus are being used.  Since the current Sexton gym is under-utilized, the Master Plan suggests that the University explore alternative uses for the space and replace the gym with a modern fitness and recreation facility.  A new use could take advantage of the fact that the Sexton Campus is located in downtown Halifax.  For example, the gym could be converted to a major public lecture hall.


(1) What else could the gym space be used for?

(2) What sort of recreation/fitness facilities are needed to replace the Sexton Gym?

(3) Anything else?

Athletics on Campus


Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a student looking to stay in shape or a member of the community looking for a place to swim, the athletic facilities at Dal can be an important part of your on-campus experience. What do you think of the facilities at Dal?


(1) Do you use any of the Dalhousie athletic facilities? Which ones?

(2) Do the athletic facilities at Dal meet your needs?

(3) What changes would you like to see made to the athletic facilities on campus?