Archived posts for 2009 June:

Bicycling Dalhousie


Bicycles on campus

Currently, 18% of faculty/staff and 17% of students commute by bike to Dal at least some of the time. How do you feel about bicycling around Dalhousie?


(1) Do you bicycle to campus?  Regularly or occasionally?

If you do, what sort of improvements do you want to see made to cycling facilities on campus?

If you don’t, what kind of improvements would make you want to bike to campus?

(2) Would you be interested in short-term bicycle rentals for getting around the campus and peninsular Halifax?

(3) Would a bicycle repair shop on campus be useful for you?

Let us know what you think!  Also, feel free to check out any old entries and comment on them as well.

University Ave


University Ave is a main artery for Dalhousie’s Studley and Carleton Campuses. Many of Dal’s prominent buildings face onto University Ave, and it’s heavily used by people coming to and from the school.

Current State of Affairs

Right now University Ave consists of one lane of traffic in each direction (divided by a wide median) with parked cars along the curbs.

 Plans for the Future

plan of proposed changes

plan of proposed changes

The Second Progress Report (p. 6) proposes the following changes to University Ave:
• Shift both lanes of traffic to the south roadway, maintaining parking spaces on that side of the road
• Enhance the green space median
• Redevelop the north roadway for pedestrians, bicycles and open space 

cross section of proposed changes

cross section of proposed changes


(1) What do you think of the proposed changes?

(2) Any other suggestions for University Ave?

Sustaining Dalhousie


Sustainability is one of the 8 key themes that will shape the final Campus Master Plan. We would like to know what you think about sustainability at Dal.


(1) How “green” do you think Dalhousie is?

(2) Should Dalhousie be carbon neutral?

(3) What do you think Dal should do to be more sustainable?

(4) What can Dal do to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle?

(5) Any other thoughts?

Comment or e-mail to let us know what you think!  As always, feel free to check out any old entires and voice your opinion on those topics as well.

Retail and Commercial Opportunities on Campus


While on campus you can pick up a muffin from Tim Hortons, a chocolate bar from the vending machine or a t-shirt from the bookstore. Coffee’s available at Second Cup, there’s a Booster Juice in the SUB and you can sit down for lunch at The Grawood. But should there be other options? Do we want more retail and commercial services on campus?


(1) Would you like to see more retail and commercial services on campus?

(2) What sort of retail or commercial services would you like to see? For example, what commercial services that you now go downtown for would you prefer to find on campus?

More Information…


The Second Progress Report on the Campus Master Plan has been posted.  Check it out and comment or drop me a line if you have any questions!

More About Residence


We already asked you some questions about living in residence, but now we have a few more.


(1) Some of the residences have shared washroom facilities.  Did you like them?  Any problems? Any changes you would like to see made?

(2) What did you think of the dining hall food?

(3) How long did you live in residence?  Where did you move once you left residence?

(4) Anything else you would like to tell us?



Residence life can be a big part of a student’s Dalhousie experience.  New students, who are all guaranteed a space in residence, may choose to live in a residence for a number of reasons: convenience to classes, that useful 8-month lease and the handy meal-plan. 

If you’ve lived in one (or more!) of the Dalhousie residences…

(1) What do you think of the residence rooms?

(2) How about the common space?

(3) What needs to be improved?

Classrooms and Classes – Part 2


We’ve asked about classroom space, now what about class scheduling?  There are lots of different ways to schedule and organize classes.  We would like to know what works best for you.

Class scheduling…
(1)  When’s the best time to have a class scheduled?  The worst?

(2) Do you want to spend fewer days on campus?  This would mean more hours spent in class on those days.

(3) Would you rather have shorter classes more frequently (i.e. Tuesday/Thursday for 1.5 hours each) or longer classes less frequently (i.e. Tuesday for 3 hours)?

(4) What about alternative class schedules, such as intensive courses completed over a couple of weeks?  Or more courses offered during the summer?  Or more night classes?  Or something we haven’t even thought of?

(5)  Many universities offer alternative learning methods: online courses, video courses, pre-recorded lectures.  Would you be interested in a class that took place outside of the traditional classroom setting?

(6)  Any other thoughts?