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Off line

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I’ll be offline for a few weeks.

Send questions or topics you would like to have addressed.

Happy Summer

General Patreaus Feinted

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Last week, General David Petraeus, head of U.S. Central Command in Afghanistan, briefly collapsed about an hour into a hearing in the Senate Armed Services Committee.

He claimed he hadn’t had breakfast and was dehydrated. Funny, the most important meal of the day, on a very important day, and he missed breakfast??

The lesson here is manage your intake, particularly during days you know you will be under pressure. If you are presenting, or managing a big meeting, or something that induces adrenaline, you need to fuel appropriately. Otherwise, stress will catch up and play itself out in various ways.

Know your body and what it needs. We’re all different. Regulate your intake and consume foods and drink that will help, not hinder you. Avoid the bonk. Don’t overdo it either. Too much or the wrong food can have an adverse effect, a condition only Bean-O would appreciate.

Good leaders and managers find this out over time. It’s different for everyone. Find your bio rhythms and learn how to manage them.

CIOs Wanted

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After a dismal year for job prospects in 2009, this year has seen a resurgence in CIO openings in higher ed. Yet the job has changed. Raw technical prowess and understanding is no longer the ticket. Rather, more and more organizations are looking for IT leaders to be internal consultants and business strategists. It requires an in-depth and ongoing understanding of your organization.

Not everyone wants to be a CIO. However, demand for the next generation of IT leadership has a trickle down effect. As mid-level managers and directors advance, new opportunities are created behind them. And, the more experience you have in managing processes and functions critical to your organization, the better positioned you will be.

How does this fit into your career strategy? Are you familiar with your organization’s strategy? Are you working to better understand the business of others on your campus?

If you are looking to advance in management and/or to the CIO position, or you aspire to that in the future, the following article worth a read. If nothing else, this is just one more sign of IT’s changing roles on campus.

See Path to the CIO

Is New Technology Wearing You Out?

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Is New Technology Wearing You Out?

How technology staffers can maintain their energy when they constantly have to tackle new technology projects. (15 min)

Calm under pressure

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Be the eye of the hurricane. That’s what others look for in leadership under duress.

Pressured situations are part of IT work. When systems go down, power is lost or we are targets of online attack, our job is to restore operations quickly. It takes level thinking and decisive action.

This is where most leaders earn their stripes.

Staying calm under pressure is a learned skill. You need to know about yourself, your body and psyche. Here are some pointers.

Another way to achieve a physical calm amidst pressure is through yoga. In positions that cause stress and challenge, yoga encourages you to use your mind and breathing to complement your muscles. Calmness under difficult circumstances. Its good practice.

How do you keep your cool? Do you?